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  • Hello! Just stumbled upon your page and noticed youre local to me, I'm in Livingston too :) Salon Geek = Small world! x
    Disinfectants & hygiene products to prevent spread of disease. - mundo professional - for a healthy environment
    Click on books
    They send anywhere and always have stock.
    Thank you so much for wanting to purchase nail class and I hope you find it as helpful as thousands of others say they have lol.
    Merry Christmas x
    hi there,saw your advert,im looking to rent out space for a nail technician,in a well established beauty salon in grangemouth.
    if you would be interested,it would be great to hear from you.
    many thanks
    I'm ok thanks business is quite quiet at the moment enough to keep me out of trouble :lol:
    I'm sure something will come up for you soon xxx
    Hi Mel hope your feeling better than you were last Sunday :hug:
    Hows the studying going? I have not looked at any of the books since I got them its a bit of a scary thought!
    I'm in Murieston, just doing tans from home just now but will probably train in other things once I am all settled :) really must get my finger out. The velocity is a bit more expensive (£75 ltr), not sure how much sienna x is but it is dearer than the regular vani-t solutions. It probably needs 4hrs to go really dark :hug: x
    Where in Livingston are you? Do you have a salon or work mobile? Sorry for all questions but didn't realise there was anyone else on here from Livingston :)
    I get mine from the Vani-T rep. Just phoned planetblue and the rep came out to see me xx
    Hey chic,

    No i didn't go was to busy was going to aswell. I've finished up at Bubbles, just doing mobile now, i've started my HNC at college as well as my full time job so i'm a busy bee. She needs someone full time in bubbles and it's not busy enough for me to be able to leave my full time job, even my Sats were mostly my mobile clients coming along. How's things going at Sphere?

    J x
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