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  • hey melanie, jst noticed one of ur posts so thot i would send u a wee message. my names lauren and im one of lynseys clients (was in last week with my friend and my baby wen u were doing dees nails). i use bare excentuals and sell it at work and its amazing. i believe everything they tell you about it and think its one of the best around. great coverage etc and stays on all day xx
    Hiya I am struggling worse than ever as I have been ill for the last week not even looked at a book in 2 weeks.
    I am not looking forward to next sunday:cry:
    Aww hope your feeling better soon xx
    I find writing all the information out helps me remember it a bit better.
    I love Brisa I have been doing it for 4 years now and adore it it is wonderful to work with I would highly recommend doing your training its well worth it.
    You defiantly are keen aren't you you will have your hands full next week then :lol:
    Hi Melanie hows the studying going?
    My brain feels like it is going to explode there is just so much going on. I was down last Sunday doing my Brisa Application so much to do in a short time!
    Hope you have your model problem sorted out for sunday.
    See you then xx
    Hi Melanie sorry you had hassle with your model.
    It was a great day there was just the 3 of us, it was good to get problems sorted out.
    There is a bit of theory but all so interesting.
    Im down again on Sunday for my Brisa Application its all go :lol:
    See you on the 27th :hug:
    That's not so good, have you been busy? I'm good thanks just back from holiday so getting back into everything. Started my HNC last night not allowed any nails on not even nail varnish and nails have to be very short don't know how i'm going to cope lol. Roll on xmas holidays so I can do my nails again. Bubbles is going well still just doing Saturdays at the moment.

    J x
    The date is Sunday 25th October. Times as usual. Regarding the popits how does Tuesday 6th October sound?

    Heather x
    Hey hun,

    Hows you? Hope things are going well? I passed your details onto a girl Kelly yesterday that was looking for a spray tan for her and her friend today but I couldn't fit her in did she call you at the shop?

    J x
    We are completly sold out LoL....I had to tell Fiona but she was ok :)

    Hope you are having a good play x
    Hi ya, joined this today so am a propa geek so to speak, i am setting up my own business at home after takint ime out to have my little girl, and am getting right into 3d stuff i am so into nails, whereas i used to concentrate more on beauty but i need some advice on colour fades maintenance etc, can i ask you?? sarahxx
    Yeah chick, sure we'll be fine. I wont be at the next one cause I've got a wedding so we're doin a dif. date. Let me know how you get on. Away to study hehe xx
    I know the minx is fab, its so easy to apply as well, and it really lasts, I had to take my gold fishnets off after 4 weeks as I was fed up with them but they still looked as good as new. Thats great that you've taken the plunge and gone self employed, good luck with it and hope it all goes well for you. No I'm still working full time in an office, can't really afford to give it up until I build up a client base, but its a bit of a catch 22 as I can only offer evening and weekend appointments, but its picking up slowly with one or two new clients every week, so hopefully it wont be too long until I can go part time at least. I went back to Edinburgh in July to do the brisa course and it was great, I can't believe how easy it is to do smile lines with gel compared to L&P lol!
    Hey Melanie, how are you getting on with the Creative L&P since our conversion day, I'm really liking it, thought still a long way from perfection -)
    Hey hun,

    I'm getting there picking up abit now, still busy mobile just want to get to the level where I can give up my full time job and totally go for it! Getting my leaflets out there now to which will hopefully help, going on holiday in a few weeks so will drive it once I get back. Are you in the shop full time? I seen your post about the book keeping spreadsheet you have could you email me a blank copy? My email is

    J x
    Hi hun just wondered when are you doing your Masters?
    Im doing mine in Edinburgh starting on the 16th of August :hug:
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