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    L&P infill price

    No, no problems with lifting, but I think there's a lot more work now that clients all have shellac on top of acrylics by the time you get that all buffed off, infilled, filed and another layer of shellac etc that it can be more work with filing than the original set took x
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    L&P infill price

    I find these days that the time that goes into doing an infill on a set of nails by the time you have buffed off the shellac etc that it takes the same time as doing a new set. Does anyone charge the same price for both services? I currently charge £25 for an infill and £35 for a new set, I find...
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    CND cover pink liquid and powder

    Managed to get a bit of time to do my own nails :)
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    Advice, been offered a beauty room in a hotel

    Iv just started renting a beauty room and it's fab! Id be wary about them saying rent free? Seems strange to me they don't want any rent. Just be careful what you sign up too xx
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    How to clean up tint?

    Hello Just wondering if anyone had any tips on cleaning up our hair seats. They are creamy/whiteish leather and have some staining from tint on them. Any advice would be fab! Thanks Melanie
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    Multiple salon systems

    Yes we need to be able to book appointments from both ends but also be able to book appointments in salon 1 for salon 2 as receptionist and phone line will be based in salon 1 only
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    Multiple salon systems

    Looking to be pointed in the right direction to some cost effective company's offering salon software that is suitable for 2 salons, the owner has recently took on another salon however we are only keeping our phone line in the original shop and want a system that will update in real time to...
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    Can any Calgel geeks help?

    Looking to try black matte nails with the shiny tip look with calgel. What's the best way of achieving this look? X
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  10. Me and my boy <3

    Me and my boy <3

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    Perron rigot wax

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy the euro blonde non strip wax from? I was on beauty express but they have a £50 minimum spend and I only need one packet? Thanks!
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    Hair extensions suppliers

    Yeah I actually was only interested in bonds but most courses I researched did two methods in one day so I'll mainly be concentrating on them. The course let's me gain insurance after it x
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    Hair extensions suppliers

    I'm booked onto a course to learn micro fusion bonding and micro loops, looking for info on suppliers of good quality hair to use and roughly how much it will cost for me to do a set so I can work out an intro price and price for after to give clients some info to start getting bookings in for...
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    hair extensions suppliers

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    Belle hair extensions course

    Hi geeks Does anyone have any experience with this company's training? Have been doing research into a course and this one pops up quite a lot. Thanks