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  • Hi Melissa
    Sorry I've taken so long to reply its been one of those weeks, yes I've finally decided on a name it's Hearts Desire, I've got Carl from verve designing a logo for me and Ruth mills doing a web site so hopefully by sept everything should be done.
    How are you? Not long until u do your masters, are you getting nervous.
    Natalie x
    Hi yu hun, sorry taken so long to get back to you have been on the app and not logged on pc for a while. anywho thank you for the lovely comment, it's Masquerade Shellac with just clear rhinestones xxx
    Yes I did take a model but the other girls never they worked on each other.
    I've binned that name to many response's like my husbands, back to the drawing board. Xx
    I'm in the process of choosing a business name web site ect I really like lustrous hair & nails what do you think?
    My husband says it sounds like a brothel lol not the right image I want
    Thanks Natalie xx
    Hi Melissa

    I'm good how you doing?

    The build it class was really good, it's quiet a lot to take in and it's not as easy as it looks and is going to take a bit of practice but well worth doing.
    We covered overlays for nails that need a bit moor strength then smoothing gel, how to sculpt extra length with forms (this is wear it gets tricky lol), how to sculpt a French, how to fix a broken corner ect and removel which is really easy (I managed this bit lol).
    For us natural girls this course is great and Justine is wonderful.
    Hope this helps
    Natalie xx
    No I haven't booked anything yet but hopefully I can do the polished nail next month then art and style in aug I think it was, then the next masters is in oct I think I can't remember of the top of my head, just need to work out how to pay for them lol.
    You must be well excited aug will soon be here.
    Are you planing on going to Olympia?
    I think maz lives quiet close to me x
    Hi Melissa
    Did you book your master class? I think I'm going to do the polished nail, then the art and style and hopefully my masters after that if Ruth thinks I'm ready.
    I'm already itching to do another course :)
    It's called purple dazzle I think from lindaanne_123 eBay over rock royalty not purple purple
    Hi, they were off eBay seller Lindaanne_123 I buy lots of foils from all over really. Nail delights.com sell some really good ones but there seems to be a sudden influx of foil so try to stick with the same sellers. Also pmd07 from eBay has a good selection of foils. Let me know if you need anymore help x
    Yawn so tired, gonna have a quick shower, then sleep and then of to the airport.. My good friend is already out there with her bf and just messaged me saying she will be waiting with champagne.... Sounds good to me. And yea if I have the funds might book that too, will see how broke I am lol xx
    We can do it, wee will do it and we will get our bags and have a celebration drink after... Positive thinking woohoo :) and thanks, I can't wait this holiday is well needed :) if your on fb I'm gonna put a pic from our ceremony on posh n sparkles nail page on 15th if you want a nose :) x
    All booked too arghhh you just let me know in time to book before fly to Dom rep... Wooohooo
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