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  • I did not realise that Ruth done the polished nail as I also want to do this class. I'm not sure about doing the masters yet not sure if I'm ready, would love to do it with you and maz101 though. I know what you mean about being broke lol x
    Hi my class with Ruth were great really enjoyed them, Ruth really puts you at ease and makes the class good fun.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the arts class I'm hoping to do this and my master painter later in the year, my brisa light build it class is next Monday which I'm really looking forward to.
    I'll look forward to seeing pics of all your new designs xxx
    I so know what you mean, I want to do it now but also I know I need to practice and learn more.... I also so want that bag ((chuckle)) so yea I'm free nearly every Sunday so will wait to hear what's best ones for you :) x
    Hiyas :) .... What a fab day day today was, so enjoyed it and learnt loads. I'm happy to do any Sunday, so which ever is best for you Hun. Xx
    Hi I'm doing the course with Justine on 10th June, hope you can make it as it would be nice to meet a fellow geek x
    Thanks for replying I'm also really nervous but also exited, I'll let you know how the build it class goes xx
    Hi Melissa, If you dont mind would you be able to tell me the route you walked to Lena White for your tanning course? Thank you x
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