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  • thanks for the rep hunnio
    ill ask my other half where he can think thats good to visit around here tonite and keep you posted :D
    Jess xoox
    hiya.... there is quite a lot to do locally..... when are you coming to the UK??
    what sort of sights did you want to see??
    Brighton is a must... the pier, shopping in the 'lanes', the Brighton Pavillion is also a must its an amazing building
    Ill have a think when i get home from work and let you know of some more......
    HI Mellissa, I'm Rae. I live just down the street from you in Sooke. Currently working up at Sharky's. Are you working from home? Would love to get together for some nail chat since I am so deprived after moving from the UK...lol. I would love to get my nails done too cause I am sick of doing my own...lol.

    Cheers RAE :o)
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