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    No make up for over a month

    My skin looks amazing! I just wish the tones/pigment was even as honestly I wouldn’t bother wearing again if it was.
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    Lighter make up?

    I use the lightest clarins foundation shade. I have very, very pale skin. I also find it lasts all day so I can warrant the price tag (although its maybe only a few more £'s than a drugstore one?!)
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    What grinds your gears?

    Around our area there is quite alot of single track roads with passing places, I have my wing mirror knocked off and been forced of the road too many times from people who don't slow down to either pull in or let you pull in, they then try and shout at you for driving too fast. You soon learn...
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    Pore minimising cream

    Benefit's pore-fessional really light weight aswell keeps your make up in place to. I really love it. Think it sells for about 20something pounds in stores.
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    How to choose new skincare routine?

    Try everything first! Talk to the experts from the brands and see if you like the sound of any. Tell them what your looking for out of your skin care routine. Don't let them just tell you what you want to hear, and you should be allowed to sample everything with no obligation to buy. You will...
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    Newbie needs advice

    Yeah I think essential nails is an accredited training. Was it just nails you were looking at then generally?
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    College/apprentices - am I over reacting?

    I have a feeling aswell, that some colleges don't get funding for students if they finish early? As they are being marked absent for classes ect> I find aswell with alot of colleges that with hair and beauty being viewed as easy courses etc (We all know they are not) that alot of girls have...
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    Swarovski crystal pedicure

    Do you not end up with really thick toe nails then?
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    Newbie needs advice

    Generally your best to get a college course, then your qualified as NVQ standard, which is what a salon would be looking for. However nail techs and similar can be built from lots of courses like L&p and such like being added onto manicure and pedicure certificates.
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    Spray tan 13 year old?

    Going by my sister who is 13, she probably wants one herself. I have spray tanned my sister before and her friends (which I can appreciate is a bit different from an actual paying client) they love it and your unlikely to have any problems. Things to look out for are acne or problematic skin and...
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    We all had to start somewhere...... salon experience when qualified!

    I wish colleges would provide "placements" as essential for training, I really don't believe that you are salon ready straight from education. Even if your skills are good enough chances are your confidence isn't. That said when I came from college I couldn't even get interviews in salons as...
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    Mobile therapists

    Tanning is extremely popular, it also makes a good profit margin provided your clever with mobile bookings. I'd recommend getting it on your menu personally. x
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    Not getting the customers for facials

    Why not offer a discounted facial along with another treatment like a massage or something similar...might get people trying the facials. I personally love facials and especially Dermalogica but that said if I've only got £20 to spend on a beauty treatment I'm more likely to forego a facial I'm...
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    Nail polish help

    There are literally so many brand you need to try a few, which can be hard when it comes to professional products, as often to get them at professional prices you need to prove your a therapist or a student. Just try a few out and see what you like I like OPI, Jessica and China glaze I used orly...
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    Please make me feel better!!

    No day off for me till Monday I'm afraid, yesterday I worked 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening too...no paid overtime either so I don't even get to "think of the money" haha poor me woes :(