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  • Its my fault. When i read a thread with a few posts i sometimes get them muddled together when i'm trying to write a reply! Sorry for your horrible 'black' experience. I've not been through it myself because i've never been married, but i watched my mum go through it twice and i know how much it destroyed her. Its taken 10 years for her to get back on her feet properly and even now its still hurts. I'm still hoping karma exists for the people who choose to treat others so badly xxx
    Oh!!! Strange that its closed!!! I think most people were saying John Terry was scum really. And yes i do agree slightly..... i used to work with a lot of men and the only ones i ever knew that misbehaved were sort of hunted by some particular woman! Not everyone is the same though. Not always black and white but i get the impression you have a very good reason for hating cheaters or cheatettes!! xx
    Hiya babes hope all is well, Will catch you for a chat one of these days xxxxxxxxxx MWAH
    Happy birthday to you to my sweet and have a wonderful christmas xxxxxxxxxxxxx loves ya xxxxxxxxxx
    Oooh just noticed you gave me rep for the Santa link.. thanks a mill (so good isn't it? he he)
    Thank you my lovely, busy with work today so its good to keep my mind busy and hear other peoples problems as it sometimes puts life into perspective, stuffed myself with pain killers and on we go. xxx
    Hi hun no worries didnt think you would have been ignoring me :lol:
    Im not to bad thanks busy revising for my Masters cant believe its only just over a week away:eek:
    I am a bit worried about the weather if we get snow before then I will have big problems driving down as I have to go over a big hill where they have skiing so more or less guaranteed to have lying snow.
    Hows things with you?
    hey thanks for your reply
    i didnt get a model am afraid so my jorney to newcastle was almost pointless...... did get to spend many pennies in the metrocentre!!!!! ive still got to meet up with onboardspa team but im unsure
    i do understand what everyone (including everyone at home) is saying but i dunno what it is i want to just go for it. i have been slightly disheartened over the last couple of days but still im drawn to it........ maybe im just stubborn xx
    Yoohoo! I've been sneaking back onto Geek of late can feel the old addiction setting back in lol! Glad to see you are still here too. I might pluck up the courage to start posting again soon! Hope you are well x x x
    Thanks Jo, I am just a wee bit pleased with it! Oh a private jet! I have been upgraded from the bus! :lol: xxxxxx
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