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  • What is the book about >?? you will have to send me the transcript so I can have a nosey.
    Beach sounds lovely it is peeing it down here xxxxxxxx
    Ohhhhhhhhhhh booking writing whats it about ?? something naughty I bet lmao
    I have been looking after Mum ironing cleaning etc and drinking lots of lattes and eating like you lol
    Yep we are both on the up now babes, When flicking through your pics on Fb couldnt believe how much your daughter looks like you........ Beautiful of course
    So what you been doing with yourself ???
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Loves ya back xxxxxxxxxx
    Hiya babes your looking so good on you pics on fb dont be a stranger loves ya xxxxxxxxx
    Jo my love hope all is well your end, I am busy had Mum in the hospital but all is ok again now, Hope to catch up with you soon xxxxxxxxxx loves ya
    Can't believe we talk over the internet when you could so easily come and see me. When are we going to take a coffee together??
    Oooooooooo I am now wondering what your up too Fill me in soon. I am doing much much better, Mum is poorly again but hopefully will soon be well again.
    Thinking of you and love ya loads lell xxxxxxxxxx
    Hey you! How are ya? Are you still in touch with Laura, I've just been on her page and she hasn't logged in since March!! x
    I got under the cover on Sunday night too :lol: I totally hear you re being better than the sweat, that's just plain nasty to put up with lol
    Thank you re the smoke free, I'm getting there, one day at a time :D
    I asked Gigi the same question and they didn't have a storm there... how weird is that!
    Black and raining 'r' us these last few days :lol: How fab is it to be cooler?
    Hope you didn't bring too many shopping bags home with you lol xxx
    Have you got a storm at the moment per chance?
    We're watching one from here, lighting up the sky, and all in your direction!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks hun I'm better than I was not 100% but enough to get by.
    Hows things with you?
    That bog entry was a marathon your life is manic :lol:
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