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  • shut up!! well its a date then! ill see u there, well go4 a fukkies and a walk around equinox! dont try getting out of it!! see u 2nite john me old chum x x x
    will do, Gigi is going to help me look, trouble is I don;t know the areas. I guess we'll get a feel for the type of clientele on Saturday. It is by the bodegas. Like you say they advertise a lot and that's what interests me ... they know how to promote their business!
    I phoned them today pretending to be a client and see if they have a nail tech, and they did but she left. So Gigi and me are hot footing it down there on Saturday. I think a trendy, busy hair salon is far more up my street than a quiet little room in a side street ... and I want to get back to doing mainly nails, I miss the creativity
    Hiya - Don't suppose you know anything about a hair salon called The Chair in Jalon do you - ie does it look nice, is it busy etc
    Hiya, word is the woman at Sunny Nails has developed an allergy and can't work - she's looking for nail techs, gel and acrylic. Don;t know if it's any good for you?
    ooooigh you....yeah you....Was disney land fab or pants!!!!....oh by the way,happy new year...xxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!
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