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  • HI Mich,
    It is very nice to meet you. Thanks for the add. I hope all is well. Please send me an invite on Facebook, as well. I post a lot of educational material on that site, as well as, www.DougSchoon.com.
    Hi there, though I would add you as I am moving back to hampshire at the end of the weekend and was looking for people who might be interested in treatment swapping?! Em :)
    I totally agree with this comment you made .. "I think that possibly, there are some techs out there who don't trade with the skills they were taught" I would say it was the norm rather than the exception, sadly. I know you couldn't resist!!! But I felt it prudent to prune your post as I feel the other poster was allot more aggressive and it could've got nasty. XX
    Hellooooooo :)
    To change your profile have a look here on your profile page, and underneath your username etc at the top, there is a blue bar.... look to the right of that, and it should say 'customise profile'... that should take you to a page where you can play about with the colours and stuff...

    Let me know if it works for you hun xx
    Hello Mich,
    Thanks for the friend request, now I feel a little lest geek I have 4 friends lol..... I have such an awesome time at Excel, and enjoy meeting everyone at the show. As for Olympia I was there last year, and would love to do it again. I have know idea if Lena White will want me to come for this show, but I will keep you posted if I get to come again.

    Have a rockin' nails day.
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