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  • Hi Michelle, just to say your oscar nails look fab!, and also to thank you for welcoming me to the site!.. have a great day, Victoria x
    Hi there!, I was wondering if you could help me with a problem! I have this really cool design that I am trying to put on a high arched nail. I have tried to lay it on a gel nail and a wet acrylic nail after I wetted it with monomer. I have also tried 4 glues. Everytime I see little puckers!

    Not sure if you have seen the tread but there is a geek meet in bluewater on the 23rd june.

    It would be nice to meet you if you can make it.

    jo xx
    awwwwww yep,
    I cried when mine was in labour (this last time especially)
    I kept telling her how clever and brave she was too lol,
    Ours are ready to go in a week and a half, mitzie has had 3 litters now, and she is getting "done" as soon as these ones go, all my others have been "done" too, so we wont have anymore baby kittens :cry:
    Did all go well with the kittens hun ?
    Was it her first litter...and how many did she have....boys/girls? and what colour are they lol...
    I'm the kitten pro !!!
    I love the little buggers lol
    hiya hunnio.... did you get my email last nite??... i didnt know if i still have the right address for you
    Jess xoxo
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