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    Children's haircuts

    Hi, Whats the going rate for children's hair in the uk please is it around £8? Ive done some research but theres all sorts of prices. Thanks for any help. Michelle
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    Hair extension course and suppliers

    Did you do the course in MK on the 2nd Aug?
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    Hair extension suppliers

    Hi, Can anyone recommend good Hair Extension suppliers, please? Thanks xx
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    Helpful hints on marketing my business please

    Hi, I've recently qualified as a Hairdresser and also Hair extensions. I am struggling to get clients as there is so much competition in my area and with me being newly qualified I think that doesn't help. :0( Can anyone give me some helpful hints please on marketing myself? Any feedback is...
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    Hair extensions charges

    Hi I've recently just qualified in Hair extensions but I'm not sure what the best prices to charge? Can anyone give me a bit of help in guiding me in the right direction, please? I'm qualified to do: Nano, Fusion bond Micro rings Easy shrink Mini Tubes Thanks Michelle x
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    Scalp micro pigmentation

    I have just recently qualified in SMP and I enjoyed it. Please, can you give me your feedback? Thanks Ps i can take criticism as long as its constructive :0)
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    Highlighting sectioning & technique

    Have you tried the website at all? x
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    Hair extension business name, any suggestions!

    I use my surname for my business but I don't just specialise in hair extensions. If you are planning on expanding your business and training for other qualifications then maybe just call it Brookes Hair or something simple like that. At least under the umbrella of "hair" you can then go on to...
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    Hosting a hair extension competition

    What will she get sued for? Just out of interest? x
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    Mobile hair pricelist

    Hi Guys Please can someone give me an idea on prices lists for going mobile? I’ve just recently finished my level 3 and no clue on prices. Advice is very welcomed Thanks Michelle
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    Please help newly qualified damsel in distress with grey coverage

    Hi I’ve been asked to do an elderly ladies hair, she has a large area of grey rootage going on bless her. I’d say 80% Please would you throw some ideas at me on how i would overcome the grey to make a lovely blonde colour? I was thinking of Base 9 with 30vol and then base 9 with 20 on ends...
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    Colour allergies help needed please

    Thank you I’m up for trying anything x
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    Colour allergies help needed please

    Hi she normally has highlights but they are looking brassy so wanted to put a toner on them but she’s allergic to the colour.