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    Business plan UK

    Hi Has anyone got a copy of their business plan that maybe I can have a little look at please? I'm not familiar with this sort of thing so I just wanted to know if I'm doing the right thing with what I've done. (if that makes sense) Thanks Michelle
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    Starting a unisex salon

    Thanks for your advice. I've got a standard business plan it's not very in depth.
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    Can anyone recommend somewhere/someone to create a logo?

    i got my logo designed by someone on Fiveer
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    Starting a unisex salon

    Hi I am looking at opening a salon in my area but this is going to be the first time I've done this. I have put on buy & sell sites that I am "thinking about" turning one of the vacant shops in our village into a salon and the response has been very positive. I'm nervous as hell about this but...
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    Basic wax course?

    Hi I need to do my basic wax certificate because I want to get involved with Intimate waxing. Can anyone recommend a course that they have been on please? I live in Bedford. Many Thanks
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    Natural white legal teeth whitening training

    As long as you are not touching the client's mouth or giving out Dental advice than its perfectly fine to do as a treatment. The General Dental council doesn't like it but if you stick to the guidelines you should be ok. I was a Dental Nurse for many years. This will be the greedy dentists help...
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    Laser teeth whitening

    Hi Guys, I am thinking of adding Teeth whitening to my business. I've just called my insurance company and they are saying they won't touch me. The company that ill be training with has given me info on who they recommend me using. Is there anyone on here that does laser teeth whitening that...
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    Are there any salon vacancies in Bedford?

    Hey guys, I just wondered if there was an actual hairdresser's website that Salons advertises for staff? I'm qualified but just as I qualified I fractured my wrist (Bounced off a trampoline haha) so I've not really been confident enough to go straight into a salon and work on clients...
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    Children's haircuts

    Hi, Whats the going rate for children's hair in the uk please is it around £8? Ive done some research but theres all sorts of prices. Thanks for any help. Michelle
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    Hair extension course and suppliers

    Did you do the course in MK on the 2nd Aug?
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    Hair extension suppliers

    Hi, Can anyone recommend good Hair Extension suppliers, please? Thanks xx
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    Helpful hints on marketing my business please

    Hi, I've recently qualified as a Hairdresser and also Hair extensions. I am struggling to get clients as there is so much competition in my area and with me being newly qualified I think that doesn't help. :0( Can anyone give me some helpful hints please on marketing myself? Any feedback is...
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    Hair extensions charges

    Hi I've recently just qualified in Hair extensions but I'm not sure what the best prices to charge? Can anyone give me a bit of help in guiding me in the right direction, please? I'm qualified to do: Nano, Fusion bond Micro rings Easy shrink Mini Tubes Thanks Michelle x