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  • Hi I was looking at your 3d flower tutorial. by any chance do you still have the pictures? I would really love to see them so I can understand your tutorial better.
    Many thanks
    I have a question
    Every time I try to do flowers, it seems like the bead sets too quickly, and goes hard too quickly....so can you tell me what monomer and powder you use, for 3d sculpting???
    lol I am lost? What did I do to get thanks for ;) I have been moving the last 5 days so I am a bit out of it.
    Heippa!Im doing fine:) Yes i work now with Nfu.Oh l&p and gel. I loove them! You should try them out. I like their speed l&p, it has a perfect setting time for me (faster than YN speed). And their liquid is not smelling strong (as im working from home). Its really easy to work with and lasts great on clients. And the colours and other add-ons...grazy! Just got some of their polishes (for art) and they are lovely. Gel line is great as well. Their cover has the best colour and coverage % i have found so far. And its really affordable, the whole system.
    But i still have Young Nails, as it was my first love i never leave them:)
    What are u using now? Ons? How are u othewise? Moving back to Belgium?
    Check http://www.viis.ee
    Hi there your work is amazing, I am in awe. Could you pm me some details on your courses please, thank you.

    anne xx
    well if I lived nearer I would let you do a tat on me, I've got one booked for 13th July, yay, My bloke wants me to learn to do it lol, ?
    Hi Mieke,
    I just wanted to say I think your guild comp nails were STUNNING !
    My kids are in love with them too lol, we keep going back to gawp at them :D

    Totally amazing :hug:
    Oh right, yes I have heard of Smudge free. They obviously taught you well as your picture looks great!! Have you had many clients for it? x
    Yeah I suppose it will take time to build up confidence and become good at it! Am really looking forward to the training as it's something I've wanted to do for ages!! Who did you train with? x
    When you need me just come to momma!!! :hug: Knowing how your product works is EVERYTHING. I think you can now post and tell everyone how to work with it. :)
    Are you on Facebook? There's a lot of nail art minded folk there. Love your art work and nails by the way. You are very talented.
    Thanks Mieke. But you know - this Sam Biddle visit is a test. If they don't have the interest to pay 600:- for one of the 3hr workshops - then the market is dead from my perspective. We can always make business somewhere else. Thanks for your best wishes. Appreciated. Have a nice weekend!
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