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  • Hi there, not sure if I'm putting this in the right place(bit of a newbie!) but just wanted to let you know about my microderm and non surgical facelift machines. Basically I couldnt afford the well known all singing all dancing models so I looked around for cheaper alternatives. I am a trainer not far from you in Brighton and was so impressed with the machines decided to supply these generic (ie not branded) machines and training as a package. They work out about a tenth of the usual price and the training arms you with all the technical, marketing info etc. Obviously you dont get the benefits of a big name, well known machine but if it works out and you gets lots of interest/clients you can always invest in those later, although I think you won't need to!
    Sorry if this isnt of interest to you but just thought I'd mention it in case! Cheers!
    Sara x
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