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  • Hiya, Thanks for the like :)
    As for not tinting for 24 hours after the lift - it's such a tough one. Everywhere else around me offers a lift/perm & tint together, so if i was to refuse someone a tint until 24 hours after their lift they would simply book somewhere else!
    I do the ift and tint together (against training instructions) and have never had any problems. I also learnt lash perming 6 years ago as part of a cosmetic make-up course and was taught then it was fine to tint straight after. Different colleges/training providers = different instructions!
    Good luck x x
    Hi, I'm doing ok. It's a bit hard at times as I'm use to doing Microsoft work but I'm learning the apps on a Mac.
    First on Photoshop you input the size which is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall, then I googled wallpaper to find a background then copied it onto the photoshop template that I'd started, then I put the text in.
    It took a little playing around with but eventually got it right.
    If you have a couple of hours to play and learn, it will happen.
    Good luck and let me know how you get on.
    Sharon xx

    I'm mobile at the moment but in the process of setting up a log cabin so that I can also work from home. How about you? Are you mobile now or in a salon?
    Hi, I used to work in crowbough at the hair gallery spa, x are u mobile or salon based. X
    The color coat should be nice and thin, I also find it looks less patchy if you try to use a color of Shellac similar to the color of the glitter or use Cocoa. When applying the glitter try using a dry brush as if there is too much alcohol in the brush it wipes off the sticky layer which prevents the glitter from sticking.
    Hehe, ohhh I'd still think they're cute :p monsters are more fun and challenging! Oh wow I wouldn't have been able to brave that! I would love to have gone but unfortunately I would overspend massively and let's face it, I need my card on my side ;) I have just bought 3 of the new shellac colours though!! Hurry up, mr postman! :lick: I spent hours the other day doing 64 colourpops.... SO WORTH IT. xxx
    Hey, Julie! Thank you lovely, I have decided to pop my prices up in September :)
    I did a beginners nail art course (but it really only covered what I knew already, unfortunately... I've been doing nail art myself with striper pens since I was about 11 hehe). Your little'uns are gorgeous!! SO cute.

    That's good news then, sounds like you are getting on well. I've got three kiddies aged 11, 6 and 3. Other than being cheeky the 11 year old is good, but he 6 and 3 year old can be a bit of a nightmare at times, gotta love em!
    My pleasure. I like to award rep to people who deserve it. It's great to see helpful content.
    My son loves Abba and Mamma Mia ever since watching the film. He's so sweet, loves the film and knows all the songs...
    Hey that's good then will take her a while to realise who is boss! Mine still don't :) my middle son was awake at 1am last night listening to ABBA and reading - grrr!
    How's it going today? Any better? They are such a worry, but soon grow up and make you think they were angels whilst they were little! Kids eh? X
    That's okay... It just brought back memories of a year ago running after my little girl everyday on the way to and from school... Then thinking why oh why am I doing this! Xx
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