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    Need a new spray tan brand

    Having used Nouvatan now for 3 years but having tried samples of others in between I can honestly say that there isn't another one out there that matches it. If you haven't tried it then you need to!!
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    Callus peeling treatment - who uses it?

    Can I ask where you purchased your Micro Plane from? Very interested as we debate the best way to treat the heels every single day!!
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    Fake tan remover?

    We love Wash 'n Go a treat if you add a penny sized blob onto a clean sponge pot scourer, dampen and then gently massage the tan away!! However the bad news is that it is so hard to get hold of now so if you find it buy a couple of bottles. We always try to keeps some in the salon.
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    Gelaze reviews?

    Just wondering if anyone had any new thoughts on this? We currently have a large range of colours and have now been emailed to say that another batch have just been released. Not sure whether to invest in any more as we have had lots of issues and not even consistent either won't...
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    Customer toilet

    We have a tanning and beauty business and LOTS of our clients use the toilet. It's a bit of extra work in many ways, especially checking them for cleanliness etc but I can't ever imagine not allowing people that one very basic need. Pay whatever it costs for water and the loo rolls and....well...
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    Eve Taylor facials pricing structure

    We do a 30 minute deep cleanse Eve Taylor facial and charge £35. Tempted by Environ too though....really love it!!
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    How to find Botox practitioner

    I just rang round some of the best practitioners and asked if they would consider working from our salon. It's a tricky one though as we have had two different ones here now and I can't say I'm thrilled with either. Just make sure you check out their qualifications and insurance before you...
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    Celebrity Big Brother 2015

    Yep there's more to this lady than meets the eye!! Mastering the art of being a bitch but lets it slip every now and again. Only human after all. :suprised:
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    Celebrity Big Brother 2015

    Just joined the thread and LOVE this year's BB. I think that it has opened our a lot of the characters in there but Katie Hopkins is my guilty pleasure, could watch her all day yet I despised her before she went in. BB has made me realise that she is a very clever woman who...
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    Is it true that you are never too old?

    I opened our now busy salon two and a half years ago and have never looked back. I am now 51 and have re-trained in so many things which I just love. Many of our younger clients ask to book with me...never exactly sure why but they seem to feel less self conscious than they do with my younger...
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    Gel ll treatment price

    Haha that is a good clue...thank you!! Are you able to say how good it is! We recently invested in Gelaze (we have Gelish and Entity Colour Couture too) and have very mixed opinions on Gelaze so far.
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    Gel ll treatment price

    Okay someone help us out please!! What is Gel 11? We have never heard of it and not finding much on Google.
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    The Powerhouse Lip Voltage - new product

    Totally agree with you! We LOVED the original mascara and think it was their best ever product. When they went on to release the black tube...Lash Extension...I dared to say, nicely, that I preferred the original...and guess what...they fell out with me big time!! Unfortunately they are not...
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    Allergic reactions to Nouvatan

    We have one client who is also a friend of mine and always has a massive reaction to Nouvatan. She comes out in a rash of huge bumps and is very itchy. We do hundreds of tans and have had no-one else complain so it is very frustrating and Nouvatan couldn't help us really. We have sprayed her in...
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    The Powerhouse Lip Voltage - new product

    Haven't tried it and probably won't as we're really very fed up with them as a company. Not sure if you've dealt with them but they have to be the rudest, most unprofessional people I have come across in this industry. They have actually hung up on me twice to date and for absolutely no good...