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    Has anyone else deactivated their Facebook account?

    I de-activated at Christmas and don't miss it at all! I got sick of reading what my neighbours were having for tea. Then when they split up they discussed their break up in detail! I think it's brill for keeping in touch with old friends and looking at their photo's but I now e-mail them...
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    Favourite movie?

    True Romance and Bugsy Malone love them both x
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    Teenage son!

    I was a complete nightmare!! But came good in the end. I just find it exhausting. We all have to walk on eggshells and my partner is totally fed up with it. But I just keep thinking it will pass! Luckily I have some really supportive friends. Just keep strong :hug:
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    Teenage son!

    teenagers will break your heart many times over! I am having terrible problems with my 16 year old daughter. She's always been hot headed and fiery but things are really hard at the moment. She has become friends with a 34 year old woman who has been buying my daughter wine, I also know this...
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    Any help with CSA?

    Brrr CSA make me shiver. They are flipping useless. I went through them to get money from my ex who works on the side but claims unemployment benefits, I told the CSA but they aren't interested. I've given up trying!! To the op, you're assets are not taken into account but I would advise that...
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    The Stone Roses

    Arghh so so jealous! Couldn't get tickets. Love love love them. Jealous of you lucky oones that got to go!!
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    The word association game!

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    Who's sick of football already?

    Gutted. They were a bit pants tonight though. I hate penalties!:(
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    The word association game!

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    Tanning | Mother Defends Spray Tanning Toddler

    I'm speechless. the spray tan, the make up. It's just so wrong on so many levels and makes me sad and quite angry.:sad:
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    Gelish layering

    Wow! They are great. I love the last glittery one. Might have to try this with my son!! Thanks for sharing them x
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    Thanks for the like x

    Thanks for the like x
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    I too tried the conker method as I am absolutely petrified of spiders! When it was autumn I had them all over the house and for a couple of weeks no spiders! I think they have to be 'fresh'! Even thinking about them gives me the heebie jeebies!
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    Hair in a mole

    Thanks for this info I was going into panic mode!