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  • Thanks for the rep sweetie, did you get my email the other day? I spoke to samantha the other day and she said that she knows the cnd peeps in norway if you drop her an email she may be able to sort something out for you over there if you want. xxxx
    Thanks so much for the rep my darling. There is nothing anyone can do about this so I think we just need to pick another and move on with our businesses. Great shame though and has left a bad taste in a lot of mouths. x
    Don't see you around much these days ... just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday xx
    re your pic comment... that's an understatement hunny LOL

    He is so very happy right now :green: he arrived at Collingwood today, phase 2 'job training' starts officially tomorrow!!!
    yes, but I am a hairdresser. I qualified as a therapist 25 years ago and never worked as one. A whole weekend of nails is not for me!
    haha, I have posted an equally blunt reply!! Am not a nail geek, so wont be eventing (bit wasted on me). No offence, this is all just opinions on here. x
    lol even though you have heard so much about it, Shellac will still be a surprise because you just won't believe what you see!!
    Thanks Min, I hope it sells soon too, although Keith's work is picking up we just want to get back iykwim... I'm missing out on so much with my niece and nephew's children.
    I really do want to be at the Event but it depends on a few things, finances, house sale (ie whether we're in the throws of moving), the date for Andrew's passing out parade etc... are you going again Min? xxx
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