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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Love these! How did you do it?! 😍
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    Gel II query

    Laura Snow White is a UK educator for Gel II. Shes on SG, so might be quicker to PM her 😄👍 if not Sammi Sparkles is a global Educator too.
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    Empower nail film alternative

    I did this with Tesco Sticky Backed plastic which is a few metres long & costs £1!! It sticks perfectly to the nail without lifting!! 😄👍
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    Plastic back nail wipes?

    I loved the Soft Landings wipes, but S2 stopped stocking them & can't find them elsewhere... 😕
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    Gel II UK launch is nearly here

    I would like to try the effects, especially Shark Bite 😄
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Shellac nails inspired (actually copied from TheRealMrsGrey!! One month on - can't believe it Also her nail change to more of a winter look, Blackpool & Locket love with MDU stamping polish Which by the way is fab!! And even better, Rainbow Connections UK will be the UK distributor...
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    HD Brows new brand guidelines

    To stay on S2 salon locator you have to purchase a Shellac product, every 60 days. So if you where purchasing a Shellac colour with delivery, every 60 days that works out at just under £155 per year. So really, there is no difference than your purchasing £150 worth of products really is it?
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    Gradient effect with Gelish

    I was taught to use a sponge when I did my Gelish nail art course 😄
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    New CND courses

    DBD, I wish you every success in your new venture, can't wait to hear all about it!! 😘 very exciting times ahead xx
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    A thread for pictures of Modern Folklore nails

    Am loving this one from EA Sascha Gossen - she is awesome
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    New CND courses

    The case of the missing EAs on S2's website!! 😳
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    New CND courses

    So I want to do the enhancement course, but it seems the L&P & Brisa Grl courses have been separated, which in all fairness probably suits me better... So which course do I do first as I am a natural nail gal. Also looking at the EAs list on S2 website, I cannot see Natasha Lee's (aka Divine by...
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    Rosé Gold nail glitter

    No, she is a Master nail tech. hope that helps 😄
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    IBD just gel?

    The nail company in Weybridge stock all the colours. They are fab!!
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    How to do these?

    if you click on to and register, there is a section for all these nail ideas, a how-to-do-it page. :biggrin: