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    Home working - delivery issues

    Can the parcels go to hubbys work place instead? Xx
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    Clients who turn up really early!

    We have a shed out the back of the shop for storage. Im quite often found hiding in the shed to escape :( xx
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    IZ Gel or Calgel colours?

    Calgel can set in LED as I have their LED bulbs & flip between Calgel & IZ pro. Timings are different is all- 2 minutes for Calgel 30 secs for IZ Pro xx
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    How to work out your cost prices/price per service

    If you phone Izabelle Hammon they will give you the Calgel cost per service. They gave us the info on the course xx
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    Its a card machine like any other so if there were no funds in the bank account the payment wouldn't go through. It dosnt give a reason but just says ‘payment declined’ If it did go through (ie the acc was emptied in seconds afrer processing) the account would go over drawn so the bank would...
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    How do you do your cash banking?

    Shame uour further from the post office, thats what I use too xx
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    Marvelbrow washing off clients eyelashes

    In basic terms, My insurance says to follow the manufacturers instructions & the manufacturers instructions say its safe to use without a patch test.. its not suitable for all clients tho (ie previously had reactions to tint/hair dye) so a full consultation still needs to be given to check its...
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    Non-medic aesthetic course recommendations?

    Similar situation to teeth whitening. Im not getting into an argument about opinions on who should/shouldnt be doing it, but if legislation changes then that part of your business is wiped out. Thats a valid point/concern xx
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    Hair extensions, do I need an extra qualification!?

    Fabby, thank you :) Its always been one of those things I wonder lol xx
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    Hair extensions, do I need an extra qualification!?

    Jumping in from beauty not hair, but somethings been bugging me for a while & @Haircutz you might know the answer :) Can you hold insurance with 2 companies at the same time? So say half your treatments are covered by one insurer & the rest of your treatments covered by someone else? Xx
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    Eyelash extension advice

    Some of them look too close to the skin of your eyelid so they are digging in (think like a splinter) so no wonder they are sore! I would have them removed. Although they will grow out & away from your eyelid I would want it done sooner rather than later. At the end of the day you need to...
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    Clients with colds

    I still work with clients with colds, sniffles etc as a bit like Trinity Ive built up an immunity over the years. I do make sure I take vitamins & a daily dollop of actimel (although Ive no idea if it helps) plus I have face masks, gloves & hand sanitiser at the ready :D I have allergies &...
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    Formula strawberry blonde
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    Microblading rent a room?

    The best people to ask would be your state licensing board or the company you trained with/insurance company. We are in the UK so our regulations & laws will be totally different to yours xx
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    Iz Gel Pro Base Build used with Shellac?

    Same here, a Calgel/Iz brush & a pot. Although I did have some CND Gel brushes that worked well xx