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  • Hi

    I’ve just started out and wondered I could ask a quick question…………..

    What do you find to be the most popular nail treatment/product that you use?

    I just don’t want to buy the working products and invest in the wrong things.

    Any feedback will be really be appreciated

    Thank you
    Just so you know, unfortunately Minkus passed away earlier this year.
    Hi there. I was searching the net for gel suppliers in South Africa and came across this site. I also use calgel but have a hard time with my suppliers. Do you perhaps have a link or site address where i could arrange to import calbrook products to South Africa? Thanks...Riana
    Hi could you forward me a copy of the harmony edu action brochure please my email address is and I live in Andover Hampshire do you know where my nearest training would be for gelish and how much the course costs? Thanks in advance for your help x
    Hi, hope you don't mind me messaging you. I just wanted to ask if MYscara teach with the client laying flat or propped up slightly? I saw Crybaby at a show and they were propped up. I need to get a decent portable couch, so wondered whether I need one that has an adjustable back rest or not? I only do nails at the moment so it's all new to me! Thanks. x
    Hi Amber, i tried to PM you back but it says you have reached your limit so it wont let me send it. My client is very interested and says that you are not too far away. Can you PM me your number so that i can pass it on and she can call you to make an
    Hi there I was just reading your brilliant article about gel nails, however I still dont know which one to train with. I am doing my manicure pedicure course with the carlton institute in 2 weeks and i was either thinking of bio, calgel or akentz. Bio is so expensive though, so I want to make the right choice. Someone did say to me maybe I should just train with a basic gel course but im so confused which one to choose and what to do. Can you please help jackie xx
    Oh thank you! I love it.

    Your site is fab Amber. I love the A.......I'm thinking of having a K on my training website. Did Carl make it? Do you mind me asking what it cost? xxx
    I had a dream last night that Ozzie Osbourne was making one of those charity songs with all the different artists. He was belting it out when who should pop up singing the next line of the song........YOU. Must be the Brummie thing. LOL xxx
    Thanks for the rep concerning the somewhat devious tactics used by certain stock photo companies! That has certainly made me more than just a bit paranoid now, although relieved that my professional indemnity insurance should cover me for such circumstances. Definitely worth warning people about though, as the threat of legal action is always scary, and if you can avoid it in the first place, it's always better than trying to lock the stable door when the horse has bolted! But firewalling cheeky bots like PicScout can only be a good thing, as it saves on precious bandwidth too!!!
    thanks for the reply on gel had some great info, but stil not sure, i stopped doing gel years ago as i didnt have the patiance. could you personally sugest a brand for simple application and good wear ability please, sorry to be a pain!!!
    Thank you for all your invaluable info abot the world of gel...i now work with calgel and akzentz and absolutely love them...when i was researching and wanted answers,you just really give good advice...thanks again xx
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