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  • Hiya hun,just back in the land of geek (AND WORK) and it's lovely to see you still about .... knowing your stuff ! Hope you're well x
    Hi Minky,

    Did my Balmain course today, really enjoyed it, much simpler than i thought1 Its just the colour matching I think I need more confidence in, even though in everyday situations thats not even a remote problem, think I'm just thinking of how much is involved. You was correct about DoubleHair, she really did try to promote the course, but I'll watch the dvd I think!

    I hope your well

    Sharon x
    Thanks i am fine Minky... Couldnt be bothered with the latest newbie , your just so diplomatic with them and i just havent got it in me so thought i better not resond as i would be giving her what she wanted!!!!A dust up !!!!
    Thanks for the rep, my posts are only short cos I'm a rubbish typist!!
    I fear our opinions are falling on deaf ears x
    Just read in one thread that it's hard to get HABIA approval my brain is starting to go numb now from information overload lol. Can you enlighten me x
    Hi Minky following my post about the clip in extensions I mentioned to my daughters about doing a hair extension course.I've searched on here and one thing is clear and that is you know what you're talking about. So, I'd be very grateful if you could advise her on good companies to train with and popular types,ie micro rings etc,thanks if you can,Wendy

    well AAA grade is the one the salon is using.. and the woman whose house i have to go to uses remy said it can be used 2 or 3 times before having to get new hair.. she also said that you can get a top up every 8-10 week which is £100 ( this is the woman who does the mirco loops)??

    which ones sound better lol??

    Heyy :)

    I Have wrote back on the thread i posted :) thank you for your help.. i have posted a few more questions if yu could help :D xxx
    Hi Minky ive added u as friend cant get into Salon Geek on my other ( Lianakay) also having some problems posting so you wouldnt have heard from me for a while!
    Hi minky, we are all fine thanks glad you had a good birthday, so how are you doing? well i hope?
    take care
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