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  • Hey Minky, I saw a lorry named after you on the M6 coming back from Abingdon this afternoon - said "Minky" on the side in big letters!
    Quick question - do you do Tantrick? Think you might have mentioned it in chat but don't remember, d'oh!
    Most of my body paintings take around 5 hours on average... glad you liked the tigress one... it's one of my favourites - the lady who was the tigress got me to paint her so she could surprise her boyfriend - he loved it! Did that about 7 years ago - doesn't time fly!!!
    Aagh the snotty noses! And you have to watch out for little boys (it's nearly always boys lol) sticking their fingers in your paint too!

    Did you see my other body painting gallery on here btw?
    Wow, sounds like a fun course! I don't do much in the way of *face* painting myself - in terms of face painting it's just helping out for the occasional charity event - I wouldn't really rate myself much as a face painter compared with the best. Body painting's much more my thing - lots more canvas to play with, and it's not so "fiddly" as face painting either lol. Also, painting adults is a lot easier than painting kids, as they are more likely to stay still better!
    Oh wow, you did theatrical make-up and face painting too then? Don't you any more?

    I use Grimas and Kryolan too, plus Snazaroo, Mehron Paradise and Wolfe Bros. The dolphin body painting was mainly Grimas and Paradise, I seem to remember, but using Wolfe Bros black for outlining - it is by far the best black face/body paint I have used - yet - just *so* intense!
    Yep, London was fab! We went on a tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and then saw the rest of the exhibition there; went for a yummy pizza and ice cream at Pizza Express, and then went to pick up Sonia's carer Debbie and her husband Dave from the airport to give them a lift back to Shrewsbury (they were flying back from their holiday in Thailand)...
    Hi Minky. Lovely to hear from you - hope you are well too :)

    Piggy is fine thanks - she's just decided that she likes the taste of Tantrick lol, as she was licking my feet when I got back from modelling for Elaine this morning!

    Sonia and I are both knackered - we had a lovely day in London yesterday, didn't get back until about 11 last night - then I didn't sleep much last night because the wind was so noisy - and another early start this morning too! So we have had a veg out day and watched telly most of the afternoon lol...
    I have feel sick to my stomach , headache , really bad pains in the tummy , & the poos. I've had it for 2 days now. & I keep writing on my own page...hehehe.
    Thanks for my message :hug: I was just saying to Lell, I wish the world would slow down and that I had a bit more time :lol:

    Roll on the Easter hollies :green:

    How's you BTW?? good I hope xx
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