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  • Hi Minky, sorry i missed your birthday. happy birthday and hope you had a fab da, hope you are well? xxx
    You seem to have been away for a while and I've missed seeing your threads.....have a lovely birthday :D xxxxx
    Hi Minky, thank you for those kind words, I'm taken my time each day and feel a lot better now. I think I have come to terms with losing my mother but I knew she would not want me to being depressed all the time.
    Keep strong and thanks again x
    hello minky nice to hear from you :D Kitties are great, there are pictures in my album, or add me on Facebook, there is more there...my name is Kim Cramond. Works been super busy, phone ringing off the hook, really could do with a full time helper but ive got 2 girls starting as of middle of june so i need to hold off til then. how are you? have u seen my thread...turning into a bit of a riot but there is talk of a hair geek meet.... :D xxx
    Aw thank you, I like reading your posts too, your very knowledgble! That's what I love about this site, you get to pick the brains of professionals that you would never normally encounter in day to day life.It really is invaluable x
    Thanks for the friend request! I get excited when I get one as I don't know anyone on here yet haha :-) x
    hey minky i love spirited away to!! wat was your fav part??!! u like ur manga im guessin frm ur avatar!lol me to wat otha manga/anime films/shows do u like?
    All fine here thanks. Thats pretty rough having to look after someone you are not really even related to! Rather you than me. You must have the patience of a saint.

    You must make sure you get a break from it though. Even a few days in one of my salons would be a walk in the park compared with washing an old person!

    If we turned up on Geeg, she would have no idea who the midget and the oriental pair were. She doesnt know what we both look like!!!
    Bless you, you are too kind, thank you again. I will have to show my niece your comments. I hope you are enjoying your retirement I bet its nice to keep your hand in without the full blown work load and stress. Time to get yourself pampered instead. Debs x
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my photo, a quick snap 'n pose of my niece as she walked around the table at the wedding meal.
    Were in Wonderland do you live?
    Don't know if they've really done it to me yet... their idea, not mine, they want me to do it, they get to do the work!!

    Marathon, because I'm nuts..10 miler in October for Charity, which is what really started the whole running business anyway! I'd rather be fit than fat (where I was headed) and looking at my biological parents and their gene pool I determined I jumped in the shallow end- short, tendency to "fluff" (fat) diabetes, heart problems and high cholesterol on both sides. Really decided I'd deal with it now instead of wait until it's too late and I'm dependant on meds to stay alive and well.

    Stronger (slightly crazier) it is!! Also convinced my nephew and his wife to run with me... hoping their "young energy" will rub off.... especially about mile 21...
    comp finally over( 17th annual- we trade years for hosting with the other school in our town), now I can focus on Marathon training. Whew!
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