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  • My plate runneth over....busy....crazy busy!! The boys are starting soccer again, I'm training for a FULL marathon (completely insane) and trying to pull competition together. My students have decided they want to enter me in Shear Genius, I've never seen it but told them "sure, why not." my luck, they'll come here to film! Otherwise, great!!

    Hiya, yes Ted does what we call "the winning smile" he grins to try and win us round! Sly little beggar he is. Lucky for us he is a very jolly, happy little dog.Will sell his Granny for a naan bread tho!
    Hey Minky it's really good fun, it's only one day a week (3hours) for 18 weeks so is just a taster, I will have to think about making the commitment to a full time course as although I would love to do it it would be a big commitment. I have really taken to it though as it is so interesting. Thanks for asking x
    You're welcome, it was very caring and clever of you to give such good advise.
    Thanks, I was following your conversation and had to go out, the first thing I did last night when i got back was look for update, still not one yet, hope she is ok.:)
    well you did the right thing and I hope she got sorted xxx Hope you are having that big glass of wine xx
    Hiya Minks, that thread earlier was all a bit dramatic eh?
    Was she waiting for her head to actually fall off before she stopped typing and went to A&E?
    Bet it was making you panic a bit. x
    oh glad im not the only one lol.. hows things with you..x
    yes its gone fast feels like i was about to have her the other day lol
    hiya minky hows things with you :hug:..

    not been on here for a few days i been so busy as we opening up a hair extensions training studio in may and got sooo much to do before then.. so its never ending for me...

    she is so big now she is 4 months and cant believe how fast its gone although it does feel like shes been around alot longer though:rolleyes:..

    also just got this addiction to desperate housewives recently so constantly glued to that on my tv :eek: (i know very sad..lol)
    Ty hun, my hands r great now. I feel bionic now...lol How has the winter months been treating ya there?
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