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    Glass file vs 180 grit?

    I agree - heat isn’t a good thing for nails it can cause them to peel and dry out.
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    CND Shellac?

    Also you need to paint CND Shellac very thin unlike The Gel Bottle but I’d recommend using CND lamp.
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    Will Covid stop me in my tracks?

    Yes I’m Head of the Beauty in a medium sized salon and have been lucky to have my columns full at the moment. I know a few clients would follow me and I feel there would be a more but it’s never a guarantee I understand this. I agree March isn’t too far away in the grand scheme of thing and I...
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    Will Covid stop me in my tracks?

    Thank you Dayna123. Good luck to you too! I’m full time and have considered looking at going part time to do it that way however because of my position i know it wouldn’t be an option in the place I’m working. I just wish I had a crystal ball 🔮 xxx
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    Will Covid stop me in my tracks?

    Hi everyone Apologises if this has already been bought up recently (I have searched and couldn’t find anything). I am just looking for some advice really, I was all set up to start my own small beauty business renting a room in November and was ready to give my notice in (I have to give 4...