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  • Hi Max, im thinking of booking a 1-1 with lynda and didnt know if youd done one and if you felt it was worth while? If you have did you say what you wanted to improve on or did she just watch you and give you pointers?
    Sorry for all the quetions! Hope your busy with work but finding time to have a lovely easter hols x
    hi just read your thread thats been closed lol. im thinking the same at mo, cant get through to sweet squared for prices neither its constantly engaged!!
    I trained with lynda as well by the way so thought id also say hi!! x
    OMG it just had to be said - we'll both get kicked off the site together!!!
    Will be back to msg u l8r when I got more time - my new buddy!!!
    Jayneym xxxx
    OMG just realised I dont know how to do a friend request !!!
    Duuuhh - I'm just ssoo fussy & I'm not up to speed with all this techno biz!!!!
    Please check in and send 1 2 me cos I'll definately love to be your buddy!!
    Just on my wavelength!!!!
    Sad but true sorry
    Big hug jayneym
    Hey chik was gonna pm u but you beat me to it HHEehhheehhehe!!!
    Well hun me n you the private assasins eh!!
    Gotta laugh - sometimes I know I'm just tooo honest 4 my own good but I just cant bloody help it!!!!
    Me n you kid - buddys for life!!
    keep me up to speed with all results
    Catcha later hun - will send u a friend request - hope you'll except!!! XXx
    Jayneym xxx
    Hey I have just noticed that you live in Dorset. I used to live in Henstridge, Somerset for 6 years. I worked in Gillingham, Shaftesbury and Warminster as an IT Manager before moving to Spain. Where do you live now then?
    Hi, I moved back to the UK in February this year after living in spain for 6 lovely years. I was living in Almunecar, near a place called Nerja which is frequented by uk tourists. Almunecar is very much spanish and lovely. I miss it sooooo much!!! If I get a chance I will go back to spain. Where in spain did you live?
    Hiya Minxymax! I have done some more clients with Minx. The latest ones have stayed on ok. Two have come back for new sets and one is still going. All were done about one and a half weeks ago now! I have just done a set of silver lightening and put Youngs UV gel top coat on them. They should be fine. I think that I may also use Permagloss on them though as this seems stronger and better coverage, colour etc. I think that it doesnt help us though when other colleagues dont want to use Minx. I am currently working between two salons of the same company. The one I am based at the most is fine with everything. The manager of the other one just doesnt want to know. But hey, who cares what she thinks. She is actually a hairdresser, so she can stick to what she knows. Hope everything carries on well for you.
    Hi Max,

    I think I will be at Creative+ in Bournmouth in November !! Ask Layla. See You there! xx
    Hi Maxine ... If I were you, I'd just buy a box of P oIts and try them .. that's what I did.

    You can use any system with them and NSI will work as just fine. They only cost the same as a box of top quality tips, and you can use them 3-4 times each.

    I learned to use them on myself. All you need is the instructions or a demo. Carl (nailzoo on here) has done a video of PopIt application which is on U tube. But if you are a decent nail technician and can follow instructions then go for it. No one showed me how to use them ... I'm a nail tech .. I just did it. Made a few changes and voila!!

    Good Luck.
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