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    Cruelty free nail polish

    Shellac is also vegan xxx
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    Shellac bottles

    Hope you sort it xxx
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    Shellac bottles

    Or this Hun?
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    Shellac bottles

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    Good pink colour to go over a cleanse

    I'm not a hairdresser but I had a pink hair for a really long time. I used crazy colour, diluted down to my preferred shade with conditioner. I think that's what they recommend anyway. I would too it up every 2 weeks. It will never last long I'm afraid. But just kept my conditioner bottle with...
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    Liz Earle skincare?

    Bloody love Liz Earle!!!!! 100% go for the hot polish cleanser, it's fantastic. All the women in my family use it after previously using Clinique, Clarins etc. Xxx
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    I'm vegan :) i watched Vegucated and Cowspiracy on Netflix and that was it! They are pretty much non-graphic compared to some other documentaries, so highly recommend if anyone is veg-curious!! X
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    Cruelty free makeup brands

    Illamasqua :) xxx
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    Shellac polish

    It doesn't contain the bug resin, it's 100% vegan. So it is literally just the branding, haha yes I think of varnish too [emoji85] lol
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    Ah Hun such a shame when the midwives don't listen [emoji30] you should start now, you need 12 + weeks to prep! Well you could do it in less time but always best to be prepared! I used the CDs every day for the last 20 weeks, but you can do classes too. It's lovely because hubby can get involved...
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    I love hypnobirthing!!! Oh my gosh it was a life saver for me. Although I still felt some pain I was so detached from it and calm in my mind even tho it was chaos everywhere else. Highly recommend you read Hypnobirthing-The Mongan Method. It was so amazing I read it in a week and it confirmed it...
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    Bluesky UK launch?

    Here come the haters! Lololol. Nail techs are allowed to use whatever brand they like, if some of you go for a well-known brand then that's great, others like bluesky. Why does it matter. We all have our own client base. I like bluesky and will defo look into this course.
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    CC curl help

    Ah interesting...thank you. I think I have a couple of clients that this might suit. X
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    CC curl help

    Hi girls, never used a CC... What's the difference if you don't mind?? I usually use c or d xxxx
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    Nervous newbie

    Ok great, i like to try out different lashes to see what I like too. As for opening eyes, I never allow that lol! Tweezers are so sharp not to mention glue fumes! Xxx