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  • hey hun how are you? i saw you own your own salon i from grantham about 30-40 mins away on a train from nottingham...i was wondering if you have a beauty side to your salon and if you offer apprenticeships?

    Chin up...I hope you solve your staff problem without too much confrontation. :hug:
    Oh.... and Steven Gerrard...I so WOULDNT!! :lol:
    hiya that sounds brilliant!! can't wait to meet u...when is it possible?? I'm working tomorrow and then will be at college till 5...i was thinking to meet u on Thursday ?? I'm free till 3:00 pm. how about u ??
    hi Amy...
    I'm actually interested in the room u r offering but because i don't have clients, I'm afraid that i cant afford paying the rent....i know that I'm good enough to do nails with Gel, L&P, and nail art....(u can have a look on my albums) i have got every thing needed for nails, i was thinking of working there using my products for a percentage to be agreed on, if that is convenient for u as well.
    Bless you.....what a cra*p week you have had....i really do hope it does not happen again xxxxxxxx
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