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  • At 30 likes I get access to insights about my activities... whoppee do .. lol, thought it was something exciting !
    They are good aren't they, please like my page, I'm beginning to see how thelikes work now, something magical happens when I get 30 !!?
    Actually it's Liz's Nailz - home salon which is my business page. I made a personal page ages ago called Liz's nailz, which I use for business, but thought I should scrap it and do a proper business page instead.
    Thank you, its just i have only ever seen quite large ones used and all over the nail, i thought the way you did it looked lovely. Thanks again x
    Check this out Gel Mani Lovers, Rejoice: Behold Shellac's Sexy, Super-Dark Fall 2012 Nail Polish Colors : Girls in the Beauty Department: Beauty:
    No I never use adhesive to do a crystal pedicure, I always use a soak off gel and yes I do top coat, last year I used the clear gel to top coat but I have recently bought Eco Universal top coat and I have used this on my own toes and 1 client so far (another set tomoz) and I'll be asking tomorrow's client her opinion on the sparkle factor - is there a loss, the same amount or more sparkle with the top coat than crystals befroe top coat? - So far the opinion is definatley no loss of shine and possibley an increase in shineyness. xxx
    Hi Michelle sorry for the late reply, haven't had internet for a while, I find that the eyelashes clients are saying a good 4-6weeks and eyebrows 2-3 weeks as we all know it doesn't last as long. My clients always comment on the brand I use lasting longer than normal xx
    Hi and of course I will. Do your regular pep. Apply base coat, cure for 2 minutes. Apply first coat of Black Pool, cure for 2 minutes. Apply 2nd coat of Black Pool, don't cure. Working ONE NAIL AT A TIME, apply Iced Coral to the bottom 1/3 of the nail. Use a nail art brush to pull the polish up to create the flares. If you'd like, you can flash cure each nail for 10 seconds. When you're through with the hand, cure for 2 minutes. Apply top coat as normal.
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