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  • We want to invite you to listen in on our talk show.Yes,you heard that right, we have our own talk show. Get all the juicy details about it by clicking on the following link Miss Salon on Blog Talk Radio
    Are you dreaming of opening your salon or nail bar? See how I did it... Miss Salon™ The Nail Bar and Salon Consultants. About Miss Salon™
    You didn't annoy me, but you need to understand how the site works :wink2: It isn't a networking site/tool, it's an educational site and is known for teaching.
    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to annoy you with my questions. I just have a different point of view and a different experience of online social-media. I like Salon Geek a lot and appreciate all the hard work that goes into keeping it a great networking tool. All the best Sandi.
    You don't pay to be here... you choose to donate the Premium Geek subscription fee to the site to give back a little bit for all of the information the site offers, FREE OF CHARGE to everyone.
    You weren't offering business information, you were advertising the booklet that you have for sale. There's a big difference.
    It still does not make sense that individual profiles cannot be updated to include business information. We already pay to be here...
    The fact still remains that you are spam advertising your product which is available to purchase, that is where the 'advertising' part comes into play.
    If you disagree with the site rules then please contact 'The Geek' aka Samuel Sweet, owner and administrator of the site, he'll be more than willing to explain the rules to you re spam advertising.
    I fully agree with the site rules, hence why I, as part of the moderator team, enforce them to keep the site 'tidy' and without it being used as a financial tool for companies who won't pay for banner advertising.
    I hope you see our point of view, if not, then like I said, send a private message to The Geek.
    I've sent you a pm about it, we don't allow spam advertising on the site, I sent you a similar pm a year ago so it's not as if it's news!
    If you want to advertise then we offer paid-for banner adverts. Click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and full info will be sent to you.
    Hello! Is anyone looking for a permanent full-time or part-time job in a London nail salon? A new nail spa is opening in Islington and we are currently recruiting... please get in touch for more details!
    Hi, we are looking for 4 manicurists for a beauty-treat-day at Coors Brewers, Burton On Trent, Thursday 18th Dec, 1-6pm. Are you interested?
    You're welcome Martin! Not only is your attitude positive but your methods are effective... It's inspiring and I wish you continued success!
    Thanks for you kind comments on my posts! I've always been positive regarding business; I think it's the only way to be successful really...well it's kept me in business for the last 12 years anyway!!
    Hi Jenny, it's manicures only but I seem to have found quite a few NT's in the area. Thanks for inquiring...

    What were you looking for a nail tech to do for the 6 days and what hrs? Jenny Creative Geek
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