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  • heyy :) thanks for the add!! you live in cambridge yeah? not too far from me!! xx
    Hey Miss Sparkle. thank you for your supportive response. I was v upset last night and needed a rant but your post echoed exactly what i said to the girls.

    Thanks again
    Marie P
    Hi Hun, all mobile at the mo, but having a home salon built, so will be home based from sept hopefully! Am exhausted to be honest so can't wait to not have to lug my couch round.
    Am pretty busy, have quietened down a bit as I have politely got rid of clients that are too far to travel to. I'm only part time though.
    Where is Neils yard? Is it near the Bun shop? I'm sure with a good push you'll get busier, some special offers etc. Xx
    Hi that's ok I'm pretty computer illiterate myself!!!:) I'm about 7 miles out in Lode, soon to be Bottisham. How's business going Hun, are you mobile or Salon based. X
    I didn't want to say on the thread but what you wrote is basically what's just happened in my life. Its nice to see that there is a chance I might meet a normal man one day. *hugs* xx
    Hi Miss Sparkle- sorry for the late response. I had to ensure the questionnaire was ok, if you are still happy to take part it would be great, i have sent you an email of the questionnaire and consent form - many thanks for your help towards my dissertation. Kind Regards Candice x
    Ha funny! God would hate to do that, just walking up to people! Alright if it's the odd fund raiser that's been organised etc. Each to there own I guess:)
    She does it round pubs in town, I've seen her in the Mitre and Baron of Beef. Crazy girl! :)
    Hello from this Cambridge geeklette
    Hi miss sparkle, not seen this girl doing ihm in pubs, where on earth does she do it? Hi from another Cambridge geek too. :)
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