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    Car decals, rear window, does anyone have these?

    Hi I have just had mine removed! Lol I had mine on my windows and rear window for about 7mths. I got no custom from them just crank calls! I was getting text messages from men and to be honest it was really starting to bug me! I don't mean to put a downer on it because it is a good way...
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    What to do?

    Hi All I'm trying to think up some Christmas Packages or Promotions and I need a little help! I want to offer Spray Tanning in a package but I'm unsure of what to add to it. I mean I cant offer body treatments or tinting before or after as it will effect the tan. Is it possible to add this...
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    Please advice

    PM means Private Message. If you go to members list and the look at Ruth Mills profile you can send a Private Message, Email or post a message on her visitor board. hth
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    Please advice

    If you PM Ruth Mills - she will be able to help. I know Ruth has built websites for a few fellow geeks on here. hth
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    Looking for a good oil free eye make up remover

    Have to second Dermalogica! Love the Soothing Eye Make Up Remover.
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    Hopi ear candle treatment

    Hi I am booked to do a course on Hopi Ear Candling in December. It's a one day course through Carlton Institute. I am doing this course more from a personal interest firstly as my other half suffer with problems that ear candling can help. I am really looking forward to doing it. If you...
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    Just find it annoying!

    Hi Thank you everyone that has replied. I do feel better today, not so stressed!! Lol I would never bad mouth someone, that's just not my nature. Goodluck to anyone who is trying to earn a living - I may not be happy about it, but still! I have to tend to agree with what Persianista...
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    Hi A Fellow Essex Geek!!

    Hi A Fellow Essex Geek!!
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    Thank you!
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    Does anyone know where I can find Nailtiques for trade? Searched the internet but can only find American sites. Thanks
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    Just find it annoying!

    Hi Sorry, but I just need to vent! I'm mobile and charge £20 for a spray tan. Well had a lady phone up and book for Saturday, only to have her phone up and cancel because someone else has advertised mobile spray tanning for £10! I mean I know its a competitive industry and all that but...
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    Insurance question please! =]

    Best thing to do is contact an insurance such as the Guild or Babtac. I believe both companies offer student insurance so that my be something to look into. hth.
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    Recommendations on Spa's?

    Rowhill Grange in Kent is lovely. They have a Utopia Spa there. The website is Rowhill Grange Hotel & Utopia Spa Hotel in Dartford, Kent | Luxury Spa Hotel near London, UK | 3AA Rosette restaurant and Award Winning Utopia Spa | Alexander Hotels
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    Eyalash training in north west

    Hi Have you looked into Flirties? They have trainers up and down the country. I did my trainining last week - 1 to 1 and I must say I was really impressed! Great training and only a phone call away if I need them. You can take a look at the website for more details Wow Factor SprayTan...
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    Home remedies for tan stained finger?

    Or high industrial paint stripper - if using Colins B&Q Spray!! Forest Green isn't it? :):0