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    Anti aging facial machine suggestions?

    Ok thank you x Any more suggestions people's??
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    Anti aging facial machine suggestions?

    I do microdermabrasion and I'm thinking of adding another electrical facial treatment but more for plumping anti ageing etc. My price range is low-mid. I trained in this years ago in Nvq. But I cannot remember much and things will have moved on since then. Ang reviews good or bad appreciated...
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    Khaki green gel needed!

    Been looking for months for the perfect kahki gel. Any brand! Most are too green or too light and sage coloured. I'm talking a army uniform proper kahki. Anyone know any?? X
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    Naio nails and Kirsty Meakin?

    I use it as well as other brands. My experience is totally different. It doesn't lift. Its fine. You can get three different monomers. Choose the one that's right for you. The nudes and glitters are stunning! Check out absolute nails in you tube
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    Ingrown leg hair cures?

    i suffer so bad that I pick the bumps abc it looks awful, worse than a shave rash! I have coarse dark hair that grows fast and get waxed every 3 weeks What can I do to get rid!? I exfoliate with rough sponge in bath.
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    Nouveau retail lash remover?

    just reading my new copy a professional beauty Magazine and I noticed new phone lashes and now doing a lash extension remover that the client can use at home. This is a boost profits and attract new clients they were too busy for removal. It's looks like a costume and applicator. RRP 9.99. What...
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    LA Fast Tan

    Ok cheers xx
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    Pro advice needed on reducing thick hair

    Th The wind blows? About the undercoat with the next design I think it looks fabulous but I'm a bit too old for that now unfortunately or I definitely do it!
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    Fast/express tan feedback?

    ops admin and possibly in the wrong category would you mind moving for me?
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    Fast/express tan feedback?

    Looking for brand ideas.. Some say one hour! But is it really one hour? Are you L a tan which takes between three and five hours but then still develops so it's not exactly quick. What's your xperience??
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    LA Fast Tan

    Really 24 hours? Wow. I use this and only this baggy bear. As I don't do many great and I decided to just talk this one as you get so many colours out of one bottle. I'm wondering I don't think last time it lasts long as the other times. Am I right? Seven days out of the usual.
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    Pro advice needed on reducing thick hair

    hi looking for help. I've got thick hair I'm 35 and obviously had it all my life and I'm sick of it. Thinning scissors, razors, cutting into and down hair hasn't exactly helped over time. My hair is wavey and a little frizzy naturally. There's so much to help thin hair but what can we do for...
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    Educating clients on perfect shape and quality extension

    I'm aware that there are lots of different levels of skill with acrylic and gel extensions however lots of clients only seee pricetag. I think we all know this when see them on fb selling sites! And you see people commenting saying only £10 fantastic! But I'd like to educate my clients as to why...
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    Reviews on Sleek Brows and similar

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    Mundo de Unas

    I get s headache they stink so much! Open window and use a mask x Where else can I order ither than direct girls??