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  • Hi Love, I have tried to email you but didn't get a reply.

    How's life with you??

    Are you still doing beauty etc.

    I'm great thanks, getting married 4 months today!

    Business still going - eeeeek!

    Fancy a coffee sometime??

    Lisa x
    Yes she is...lol!

    Yes it is my first. I am absolutely petrified!! I love my bump but i am getting tired these days. Today was so hot wasnt it? I was sweating like a pig and was thinking what am i going to be like in labour in few months time? swearing more like lol!! xx
    "have i done the right thing thread?" you made me feel it is ok not to worry about the client who demanded to have treatments at her house when i have a beauty treatment room in my house. Needless to say i havent heard from her. I am a bit relieved actually lol!
    Thank you for your message on my post, its strong and what i needed to hear and needed reassurance.

    Thank you xxxx
    I'm still around - just got my head very scarily in my computer in a major code frenzy! Doing unspeakably complex things in Java at the moment all to do with improving performance on my websites - which is already working very well but still a fair bit more to do until I am satisfied :)
    Sorry for the delay in replying; have been away in Ireland at a family wedding and only got back today. Yes, the contract work is paying more than I was previously getting doing websites - although I am hoping to be able to re-structure the business so as to be able to get in enough money so as not to need to do contract work in the long term - yet still be competitive (although not quite so cheap as I have been so far LOL). Got loads of ideas - it's just a question of getting the time to do things with them all LOL - as you can imagine, I tend to work most hours of the day already ;)
    I like the idea about the courses on web design, search engine optimisation etc... I do want to shoot some YouTube videos when I get a chance though... I have only done one YouTube video about the web stuff so far and that was back in March!

    The contract work is using similar skills to what I use on the system I've created for "powering" my websites - namely Java development using things like Struts and Spring and databases - but working on a team in an office for someone else's project rather than my own. I am enjoying it, but it's not ideal compared with being able to work from home - although the money is a lot better than what I was getting from doing the websites so far...
    Thanks for your comments on the website thread! LOL, at the moment I am spending a lot of my time in an office doing some more contract work during the week, as I wasn't charging enough for web stuff (eep) and have to pay the tax man at the end of next month!
    staff are fine just now. just got holidays and stuff which isnt massively convenient just now but hey ho!!!!
    Yeah very busy which is good as I am learning lots. There is a few things I was going to post, in the salon when they do waxing they use the same spatular for dipping and applying, I dont agree with this but what can I say, as it is not my salon.
    Hi I gave up my room I rented and now work in a salon, near my home which is great fun.
    I work on a commission basis, so busier the better..

    How are things going for you.

    PS are you local in Surrey.
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