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    Clients using social media for appointments?

    Bit of rant (as per) Does anyone else get clients messaging constantly on social media for appointments? Im getting really really really sick of it. I get it every single day, yes im so grateful for the custom but am i not allowed switch off time? I do come from an era before mobile phones...
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    Is it time for a change?

    Having worked in a salon environment for a very long time and being self employed for around 7 years, im getting itchy feet. Im contemplating a move to a counter job, anyone got any experience in this area?
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    Career change?

    Thinking of a possible change from therapist to beauty counter girl, have been in the beauty industry a long long time and want a change, anyone worked on the counters?
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    Weight Watchers Smartpoints

    Anyone tried the new weight watchers yet? I'm going to start this week
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    New Jane Iredale account

    Hi i took it on last year, the opening order was just short of £3000, unfortunately it just did not work for me i tried all ways to promote it and just could not sell it. The make up is lovely but it didnt work for my business
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    St Tropez DHA percentage

    Does anyone happen to know the percentage of the classic and dark mists please?
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    Client walked out without paying

    Oh no, this does not sound great. I would keep ringing and leaving messages and even say you have no choice but to inform the police. Blooming cheek! They wouldnt do it in tesco and get away with it, boils my p**s!!!!!
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    Client walked out without paying

    Oh my god! Have you left a message on her answerphone?
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    Rudest thing a client has ever said to you?

    Ive had quite a few over the years, You look ill, your too pale, your too tanned. The good old classic "are you qualified"? I never know whether to take that as a compliment, i must be the oldest junior in town or the sh***est experienced person going. I have a 17 year old son, clients often...
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    How much do you earn from beauty?

    I have been self employed now for 6 years, first two years as mobile then in 2012 I started renting in a hair salon. When I first started in the salon, lets just say I didnt have a pot to p**s in. Some of the equipment i bought was third and fourth hand, I didnt have any brand names but slowly I...
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    Skinbase Perks

    Has anyone else has the text messages about skinbase perks? I had several but I dont actually know how it works. Can anyone help?
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    Should I buy a second hand CACI machine?

    I purchased a machine from CACI 4 years ago, I had already trained with them in 2005. They promised me all sorts and have failed in every way. Had it not been for the fact I do a lot of facials a week, I wouldnt of continued with them. I havent found them helpful at all. The machine and results...
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    Which skincare brand Dermalogica, Environ, suggestions please?

    Yep i retail really well, infact my regular clients will go into places like the department stores to get info and free samples then come to me buy the full size, then they save well it saves your samples doesnt it! The first day i had all of the boxes arrive i already had a list of items for...