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    Hair extensions lab quality tests

    No it’s a regular supplier, I’ve messaged them but they immediately asked about colouring, so I’m expecting them to say that’s the problem, which is a shame as I feel suppliers are far to quick these days to pass the buck with no real facts, forgetting we spend thousand and thousands of pounds...
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    Hair extensions lab quality tests

    I’m inclined to agree with you charlottehair. I always thought darkening hair was ok just not lightening. I wear extensions and I tone them every 8 weeks or so and use any products I have and never had a problem. Saying a toner is the reason hair quality is poor is an easy cop out, that said I...
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    Hair extensions lab quality tests

    Can anyone advise of somewhere I can send hair to be independently tested? I have a client who is looking for a refund as she claims the hair I’ve supplied was of poor quality and started to Matt after 4 weeks. She had a toner applied as the colour wasn’t a perfect match and when I saw her a...
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    Struggling to colour match Euphoria

    Hairsaint hair is stunning. The ash tones are amazing. Would highly recommend
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    Colour match nightmare!

    Could you not use the two colours in one sandwich and alternate the rows with one colour on the top then the next row the other?
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    Tape tab recommendations

    Defo walkers tape
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    Hair extensions

    Qualities great. I’ve replaced 6 month old hair and it was like brand new so starting to use them more.
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    Looking for a new hair extensions supplier for pre-bonded!

    I’ve fitted a few prestige flat bonds recently and the hair is really nice. I was looking to use remi cachet so that’s a bit disappointing if stock levels are an issue.
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    New hair supplier suggestions? Nano rings

    I fitted prestige nanos about 2 months ago and the hair was lovely. Down side was they were natural ratio so a bit thinner. I’ve been using prestige lately due to a supplier issue and so far so good x
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    Plastic tipped nano hair extensions

    Really? I checked beauty works online and is said it was metal. Is it a certain range of BW?
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    Plastic tipped nano hair extensions

    Client has requested it specifically. Has them in currently but I have no idea what supplier she must be wearing as I literally can’t find them anywhere.
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    Tape adhesive Glasgow

    You can get them in sine hair and beauty in the savoy centre.
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    Plastic tipped nano hair extensions

    I’ve never heard of them before?
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    Plastic tipped nano hair extensions

    I am trying to source plastic tipped nano hair for a client but can’t find any supplier I’ve heard of or used before. Can anyone advise who sells these please? Thanks
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    Nano extensions

    Did you find this out I’m looking for the same? X