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  • Hi! I did consider including a separate section for the nails but then I thought the condition of the nail could change per visit so I would just put any comments like that in the table at the bottom.
    Thanks for the tip though, certainly don't want to be blamed for anything like that! x
    Ok a few tips 1. When you place the bead take a deep breath and let is rest a second or two before pressing and packing into place then smooth really lightly so you don't move the bead anywhere you don't want it to go. No primer and it will boot feel like concrete. Take your time .. It sets more slowly than you are used to, so thst you can make perfect nails ... Bonus of very little finish filing. Let me know.
    You try it and if you cant both see and feel a difference, then dont bother to change ... BUT I dont know a single good technician who cant both see and feel a positive difference between the two. Having said that, to make the product sing for you, you need to do a conversion class which is free at distributor locations and all you pay for is the larger kit that has everything you need and will pay you back handsomely. CND is different and the class will teach you how to use it for the benefit of your business.
    Thank you for your nice message .. One bit of help I can give you .... get a CND try me kit for Retention plus ... Your life as a nail technician will change over night. It's a tenner worth investing in your future. x
    Fantastic! Glad you've had a good day. Here's to a happy and lucrative salon xx
    lol! Thank-you hun! It is Jet Set with Vegas Nights.. It's my absolute FAVORITE. I also have a picture of it in the forum titled 'Gelish'. It's a full shot of my nails! :)
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