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  • Oh my god how exciting! I am so pleased for you :) I open on the 6th November... I have spent a fortune on new equipment, more products etc, I am so excited :) x Would love you to come and see the salon when it opens or maybe come and have a peek before hand and have a coffee ;) x
    oh sweetie I am so sorry to hear about your boyf! You poor thing x You okay?
    The salon is in Langold, Notts - not far from where I live xxx You still working zillions of hours with two jobs? x
    Hey Cherub, how you doing? Sorry for being so rubbish at keeping in touch, life has been very busy. I am in the process of opening a new salon, its all go. I love working from home but so miss actually going out to work :) x
    Hi I am considering introducing gelish to my services at the salon to accommodaate the younger clients as currently I do bio and it is more expensive to offer.
    I was wondering do you know if nail harmony offer any gelish workshops in our area and what your thoughts on gelish are?
    Thanks in advance x
    Thats no problem! my new machine will be here within the next two weeks so can definitely do that. I usually have bio sculpture on my nails but see you do calgel would love to try that? x
    Well since opening my new salon 6 weeks ago im pretty neglected lol, so feet and hands for me. What are you looking for? x
    Hi Miss LB,
    It's very nice to meet you. I'm also on Thanks for the friends request. I'm also on Facebook, if you are.
    Hi Hun, Just thought I would pop by and say hi. Have not been on that much, life has been pretty hectic x Hope you are well and still loving the joys of Gelish ;) x
    Hi, hope your well. Just wondering how did you have the hands in your old lamp? I have been curing thumbs separately but as its mirrord all round I wondered if I should be doing 5 at once? Thanks :o)
    Aww I am so sorry your salon job didn't work. Well done for standing your ground and being firm though hun! I am doing my spray tanning on Monday ;) I am so looking forward to it, ordered all my kit! I am so poor now lol x Did my Gelish training a couple of weeks ago didn't learn anything new but its good to have the formal qualification x Have you tried Gelish Magneto? It is FAB!
    Hi honey, sorry I have not been around much. Nans been really poorly, and work has been really busy x How are you?
    I did do it with Nail Harmony! From the rep in my area. Must say didn't learn anything much on the course, no tips, structure didn't even get a mention!! :(
    NO my course was rubbish & my rep is useless - hence why im always on here! Thank you MissLB xx
    The lamp is 12w LED. I get so frustrated with Gelish sometimes, ive been trained for 2-3 months so guess im still learning. Some clients it can last 3-4 weeks! but a good few only 1 week before it starts to chip? I had a friend yesterday tell me after 4 days her thumb nail peeled off in one go & on day 8 4 more had peeled off, because I had problems getting hers to last before- this time I did 2 coats of structure after the foundation(dry brushed each). How thin does this stuff have to be? I feel bad saying it lasts up to 21 days when sometimes it doesn't! Do you find it lasts better on longer nails?

    Did you get your new lamp direct - how much was it? Off to do more Gelish now (on a lady who's last 4 weeks with no chipping! aghhh) x
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