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  • Thought maybe because it wasn't 36w it may be best to time for 60 sec? Are you getting 3 weeks with your Gelish? I am but with the odd few who have had chipping (but think that was because the foundation was too thick lol!)
    Hi there! Do you find your lamp (which I beleive is the same as mine) cures Gelish well? Do you use a 30/60 sec timer? Thanks :0)
    The home salon is open and going really well. The location in Dinnington was good but the premises not so :( Very very cold this time of year and was restricted in terms of opening times. Latest opening was 4.30pm! That is rubbish this time of year and to be honest it was never going to be a perm thing, I always loved the idea of a home salon but too so long to get the planning back from the council.

    Your plans for the future sound fab! You are going to be a massive success, you are doing everything right and not rushing x You should be very proud of yourself xxx

    Gonna have to shoot for now, have a paraffin wax mani & Gelish to do in a few mins xxx
    I am doing Adv acrylics with NSI in Manchester. I will defo keep you in mind for practice with the tanning!

    Got a few new colours, I could honestly spend so much if I didn't know better lol I have got Up in the Blue, Emerald Dust, Tutti Frutti, Over the Bridge and a mint green colour that i can't remember the name of x I have bought lots of loose glitters too :) What gelish do you use for the Rocstar look?
    Intimate waxing, advanced arylic nail art, and spray tanning x So looking forward to it x Had a Gelish party this afternoon. It went really well, I love Gelish so much ;)
    Thans for puttin colours on, its sooo much easier than guessing colours from the charts, I dont spose you have a light elagance that I could have a look at, I'm still trying to find one like Bio Strawbery french xx
    Nice to see you are so passionate, I'll stand by every word in your topic but its good to see enthusiasm xxx
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