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    Gelish Dip vs NSI PolyDip?

    I love gelish dip!!!! The quality of the pigment and powder is beautiful. The bottles are great as there colour coded and easy to know which is which. There’s so many lovely neons, sheers (which are extremely clear, cremes, metallics, glitter’s and shimmers it’s a really nice system! I’ve tried...
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    E file - help

    Don't buy cheap with efiles (I.e eBay) And ensure you practice (if not find a classes on how to use them) as they can do so much damage
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    If I buy crystal efile will other bits fit?

    I believe most drill bits will fit in the drills as they are pretty universal in that respect. The common size for drill bits is 3/32 so I'd suggest you look for a drill designed to take those bits sizes.
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    Nail technicians wanted for new salon!

    your wanting to charge both a rent and a %? why not one or the other, never really heard of people doing both a rent and a percentage take, i think you may find difficulty in finding someone willing to pay you both if i'm honest.
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    Show us your Gelish nails

    thank you jusluce very kind of you :)
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    Show us your Gelish nails

    love cherry blossom nails atm! got a little over excited when a client asked for them
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    Dennis Williams selling Solar Oil, Scrub Fresh, Additives and Nourishing Remover

    I have personally been to one of the dennis william stores the gelish is not fake, I know of other technicians who buy direct from Harmony in the US as its cheaper. Dennis William are doing exactly the same as them. Its a loop hole they've found.
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    Kooky nail wraps

    nope no top coat, never seen the need to, and also wouldn't want to compromise the product with top coat. u dont need to do anything to them, they are just a decorative product.
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    IBX Nail System

    I heard about this product back in january but didn't want to purchase straight away wanted to leave it a while until i saw reviews and results from other techs. after hearing nothing but great reviews I purchased this last thursday trialling on myself atm. I was very naughty as i wanted to test...
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    Kooky nail wraps

    hi i use them, i actually have them on my toes at the minute, i do not use base coat, i prep as normal including using ph bond cut to shape apply heat via small travel hair dryer i have, then apply and push thoroughly on to the nail and heat again whilst on nail to give secure application, ive...
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    Show us your Gelish nails

    thankyou, colour is "I'm brighter than you" from the all about the glow collection, the nail art was freehand done over "arctic freeze" with sharpie markers.
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    Show us your Gelish nails

    had a play
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    Glitter addicts are us

    I love glitter!! here are some rockstars ive done. so glad summer is coming as i know it will be nothing but sparkle for nails!
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    Show us your Gelish nails

    been a while since i've posted my work on SG. here goes..........
  15. gelish design nails

    gelish design nails