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  • They said something about the lady who was doing the test sells the trendy wraps so it was biased lol.
    Thanks for that :) I'll go and have a look at that thread you have mentioned :) I am so nosey lol xx
    No problem babes, they look amazing. Just told my nail lady about them, although of course she already knows lol. What are they like compared to Minx? Do they last as long? Can you ue them on natural nails? Sorry for loads of questions lol x
    Beautiful aren't they. The colours I have are lovely but the dark colours are going to really get my clients going. Problem will be which one to wear first!! xx
    Hey, yea ive got 3 littleones ,well the youngest is going to be starting school september so will be alot easier workwise at the salon. Ive been in thetford for bout 12 years now. Good luck with your courses, the only thing with living in the "country" is we have to travel for education, there isnt alot around here......haze xx
    Hi hon, thanks for replying, I shop online for NFU:Oh all the time (fast delivery & freeby lol) but I can never decide on a coverage that I like, I bought a couple & im not keen on against my friends & my own skin tone so im going to invest on the one you suggested! I battle with what to buy im aiming for all the different Glitters/Acrylics etc because there are soooooo many! Im sure they must have the hugest selection of all the stores i visit! Now EN I loved the courses fully enjoyed doing them but the only thing I felt was missing was the "confidence builder" of the hands on experience you gain in a class & as you said the doubt in the back of your mind that I was'nt doing things right! I do feel however feel after visiting several different ("Nail Salons & having them done for me) that im more picky about prep etc & application than i was! & that i have learnt SO much just being here on nail geek listening & reading all the time & picking up some hugely helpful tips. x
    Thankyou for your lovely comment !! ive noticed your in norfolk too, where bouts r ya ? luv haze x
    i really like the glitter fade, they are gorgeous, how did you learn to do them??

    Hee hee, had a nosey. Lovely pic of you and your wee one, how old is he? Very cute :) xx
    tanks for the rep point sweetie....hey ho...I sometimes wonder...WTF LOL ;)))
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