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    My review on GHD brushes

    I have used the GHD brushes in my salon for 5 years and wouldn't go back now! I love them, and so do my clients, we sell loads. I use the GHD dryer for at home, but I use parlux in the salon. The only reason being is the GHD dryer nozzle doesn't fit through the hole in my trolley and I don't...
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    Salon owners only

    Hi everyone, If you are a salon software salesperson please do not reply as I would just prefer salon owners opinions. After considering many different software companies I am now between Phorest & Premier Software. Has anyone got any good/bad experiences of using either? Thanks x
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    Getting in a new stylist?

    Hi, I have a Facebook post saying "We are recruiting" with a link to my website which then explains they will need to apply with a CV and covering letter. It's still as professional, I can just reach a lot of people x
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    Matrix lacquer semi colours

    In the UK that is. x
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    Matrix lacquer semi colours

    If you bought into the Colour Graphics box deal (with the free body butters) you should have got the poster in there, it's got all the info about colour graphics and the lacquers. x
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    Breaking the rules!

    With Lightmaster, the ratios for on scalp application are different, again this is to lower PH for client comfort. x
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    Breaking the rules!

    Graphics has got a ph that isn't comfortable on the scalp, so can cause irritation. Also unlike bleach, it doesn't swell, so your application would need to be spot on, any tiny bits you miss wouldn't take at all so you would have to use loads. Thirdly- it's loads more expensive than Lightmaster...
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    Matrix baby pink formula help

    The ULs are an ultra lift, used only to lift below a base 7 with 30vol or 40vol. There is too much ammonia present to be using it to add tone/depth. The best baby pink is 11N & SR-RV, just a tiny dot of SR-RV, the colour in the bowl will be the colour on the hair. Or... Using the new lacquers...
  9. missreid spatulas?

    Aston & Fincher do them with and without teeth. X
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    Best silver shampoo?

    I swear by Matrix So Silver, just leave it on for 5 minutes x
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    Advice on this client please

    Yeah I would re-bleach it. It's still a little bit too dark and she already has regrowth around the hairline?! Then I would go in with a 10V colour sync toner in Matrix x
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    Best long lasting lipstick?

    The mac mineralize rich are the best lipsticks I've tried. I've got 5 different shades, they last all day and people always comment on them. x
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    Personalised nail files

    I remember reading on here about having nail files printed with your logo for Xmas gifts for clients. Has anyone ever had these and where did you get them from? Thanks x
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    IQ products

    I think IQ is Aston & Finchers own brand? I can't remember though! One of my customers swears by the clay (I can't stand it!) x
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    Looking for new clippers

    Thank you for your very rude opinion. The Wahl ones I purchased last week are exactly the same as the corded pair I had previously. I use them for fades, not just edging and neck lines.