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  • Hiya!
    I'm sorry i couldn't do your spa pedi the other week - i didn't realise you were a geek - you should of said! I'd of opened up for ya hun xxx
    Hi, haven't spoken to you in ages!!! lol How's things?? I hope all is well. We never did actually get together di we lol, we will definately have to do that soon, My dog run is nearly built now so then i am free to come into town woohoo!! hahaha we shall have to meet up for a coffee. Take care, Jo.xxx
    Hi, how's you?? I hope things are well, just thought i'd pop by andleave you a message!! Well take care, talk to you soon, Jo.xx
    Hi there! Thanks for the add, its nice to meet another fellow geek who lives so near by! Maybe we should get together for a coffee?? I have another nail tech friend Bev who lives up the road from me, we could all meet up?? Take care, Jo.xx
    Just to let you know...

    BERINS is here... i know you have been waiting, so you are the 1st person i have told.


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