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  • Hi, i know a woman in Devon that has wrote her own book on homemade skincare, THE HOLISTIC BEAUTY BOOK, BY STAR KHECHARA, you can get it from amazon or in most bookshops, and her website is WWW.STARKHECHARA.CO.UK hope this is of use
    Hi, yes it took me a while to become used to it. It can seem rather watery but I found I just needed to adjust the mist on the gun to give a finer spray. I generally find that the client feels reasonable dry by the time I've finished spraying them requiring only a little drying with the air hose. I've just recently tried the new Midnite colour and found it to be fab! I was sprayed myself last Wednesday and now it's Sunday and it's still going strong. I'm very happy with it and my clients seem to love it too! :0)
    I saw your post about Black Magic... I used it for the first time on my clients lastnite.. I only heard back from 1 so far and i am abit paranoid lol after using only fantasy tan for 6 years!! It seems to be natural when you spray on.. very easy to go dark... I have noticed the solution is very runny and watery... what do you think?
    Mandy : )
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