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    Rent a chair holiday charge

    I agree, always charge. I don't get a week off from paying my rent for the shop if I have a holiday! I have to work extra to cover myself, same with my mortgage at home
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    Microblading help

    Hi! I'm not really sure, is she properly certified and licenced to be doing microblading? Did you sign any forms about paying it up, the process and top ups?
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    Hi I trained with Epibrow over 3 years ago and very busy with microblading! You'd need to check with your local council to see what they'd require, I needed to have a sterile room separate in my salon with running hot water with separate sinks, clinical waste and sharps contracts set up and a...
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    Microblading hairs faded

    You need to wait until 6 weeks to get the full result, the colour will still be getting darker. Skin is still healing
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    Flirties v Ellebana

    Ellebanna all the way x
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    Microblading-how to structure payment if therapist wants to get trained?

    I've been doing microblading over 3 years now, I'd say that unless she's super busy and confident in doing all manner of eyebrow treatments then she should really think hard about training. It's not just do a course then you can start doing them.it takes months of practice and then comes the...
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    Which lash lift company?

    Ellebanna all the way! Wouldn't use anything else x
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    My goodness I've been doing microblading for over 3 years now and they are far too deep and not atall following a natural hairstroke pattern. How long have they been trained? You can only hope they will fade out but as they are so deep it's highly unlikely. I'd air your concerns back to the brow...
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    Lash lift

    Ellebanna is by far one of the best, I get great results!
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    Lash lift not working

    I use Elleebana products for my lash lift and I've never had a bad lift, products work fast so I'm only letting it set on the lashes for around 7mins and 9 mins, I tint on the shield. I did go through a bit not getting as amazing results but found it was the size of my shield, the smallest...
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    Microblading training with Lash-is?

    Yes I had done threading, billion Dollar Brows, sleekbrows and Advanced bleaching and tinting before thinking about microblading, mind you when I started microblading there was hardly anyone doing it, it was so new over 2 years ago
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    Unsure of microblading results

    The colour can heal very cool at the start, it can change colour dramatically over the 4-6weeks, what colour did they use? Skin colour pigment is no good, if that's them fully healed then you'd need to get her to add some warmth (if that's what you feel you're needing) or let them fade out for a...
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    Microblading training with Lash-is?

    Hi there! I'd really suggest doing a full Brow design course first, the microblading is the easy bit, it's the eyebrow designing that takes the time! I was already doing advanced Brow treatments before going onto microblading and it still took months and months of hard work before I was happy...
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    Specialising in just brows

    What do you do at the minute? I'd say hd or similar first then microblading...they may be similar in price but they are very different treatments x
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    Advice needed for eyebrow services!

    Hi I pretty much only do brows and that includes microblading too, I trained with Epibrow over 2 years ago and I've probably gained even more clients as the ones who've had microblading done still come back to me every few weeks for a wax/thread and even a tint when they start to fade!