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  • Well done!! Congratulations xxxxx Hope you feel as excited as me, I was screaming down the phone to everyone this afternoon lol.
    TBH the maintenance course doesn't take long, you could probably have it finished by the time you get your results. Just be careful as they only send you just the right number of nails to complete the card so if you mess one up you will need to order more.
    Hi, haven't heard anything yet. She said they usually get them marked within 2 weeks but she tries to do them sooner if she can.
    Hi, Just looked at your pics. They are really good, well done!! How did you get them so shiny?
    Hi Hun, Lashes look good, but very stiff, Lisa my friend who had them done on Sunday was going to get hers taken off today, wasn't impressed, another friend she is on this site as joe90 took hers off today, but she did have lash debonder in her salon, hers were going wonky. There was no charge FREE x. Will see how mine last!!!!!!!
    Yes I like the tan, but it was an expensive brand, you can get others just as good and a fair bit cheaper.
    Will let you know what happens with my lashes!!!!!!!
    Cecile and nails, Polish let her down???? She did forget to clean my hand before polish so dust was under the nails, got marked down on that too, such a shame, I loved the ones she did yesterday, but she didn't, her standards are so high.
    Love Angela xxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Hun, She was upset at other comp too, she was placed 8th out of 10, she won it at Olympia. She could see from her score sheet where she went wrong, ........ It costs her a lot to compete.......I would like to try next year maybe the manicure....Have to see.
    Sorry you didn't hav my number I will pm it to you. Went again on the Monday, I have the lashes on, will let you know how they last. Bought more on the Monday, ony bought cd's on Sunday. OMG it was manic with students on Monday, whole colleges in groups!!!!!!!!!Can you imagine thousand of 16 - 18 yr olds!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Angela xxxxxxx
    Hey! thank you so much for helping me out this weekend!!! we got 179points and a big goodie bag :) you must mail me your adress so I can send you some!

    thanks again!
    You should of phoned me. Comp she was not happy came 7th out of 9, bought few salon cd's, will get more things 2 moz.
    Love Angela....Just going out with Hubby for some dinner xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    My connecting door is into the house in the hallway so although I dont have a window, ventilation is not a problem I also have a built in extractor on my nail Desk & a portable spray Tan extractor and lots of angled spot lights with a large ceiling light with a fan Central in the room and a mag light on my desk (so natural day light is not a problem). We have only taken just over half the garage so the garage door is still there my fella just put up a stud wall that we had plastered so you wouldn't know unless I told you.
    Hi thanks for the pic comment - I dont have a radiator in my studio didn't want to lose wall space with it being compact so to speak, lol. We did use underfloor insulation & wall insulation and I have a small heater if I need it but in the 4 years I have been using my studio have prob used half dozen times. The cost was I would say about £1500 but I didn't have a window put in and my hubbie did all the work apart from plastering.
    Hi thre Mizz Beauty
    I would join the Essential Nails user group on here, it will give you lots of info and inspiration whilst doing your EN course - a great source of support.
    If you want to get feedback on your pics, you are probably best to put them in the crituqe section, but again, I think ultimately you would be better off posting your request for comments on these in the EN user group.
    I have made some comments on the pics, based on the feedback I received from EN whilst doing my training and being marked at the end - Hope it helps!
    lots of love
    Lorraine x

    Yes its going well at the moment thanks you. Am doing the Gel course, which are you doing.

    hey, thanks for the offer, thats not too far i guess. I will try and organise a couple up that way so i can do a few at once! thanks again and i will be in contact soon! xx welcome to the site btw xxx
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