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    Looking for room to rent in walsall

    hello im looking for a nail technician to rent a desk in my walsall salon. if ur interested cal or text me on 07805 299667
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    Nail Tech required

    Looking for an experience nail tech to carry out duties on a self employed basis. excellent salon
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    Maxi Mist Pro

    i use Sienna x with the maxi mist and its great. i work in a salon that uses St Tropaz. and thats also great. but personally i think its the clients personal choice. we get a lot for both products really. and clients will not convert over. could u have small pots of both and offer both srvices
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    French laquer ????

    anyone !!!!
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    French laquer ????

    Right iv looked every where. Iv had some customers move to me with a french manicure look. they say its air brush in a can. it gives a french white tip and a natural shine. Iv stopped a lady today in my local warehouse today and asked her about her nails she said its comes in a can and she...
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    Loss of shine - gel- IBD

    hi thanks for ur replies. the lamp im using doent have a nail. its not an IBD one which is the products im using. It has 1 bulb. and about 6 mths old. iv another lamp in the salon so will give that a try. im using the Ibd Cleanse to remove residue
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    Loss of shine - gel- IBD

    where do i start.? Iv changed my gel nail system to IBD. I think its great. the only think im loosing the natural gloss shine when complete. Iv thought of a few reasons!!! can any one help Is my lamp not curing it enough so when im wiping the shine is gone? im using nail wipes instead of...
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    Name for my door

    Im movig to a salon in a weeks time. Im looking for a nice door sign... can anyone recommend any where to purchase one from .. also any names. etc the nail room..
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    The edge

    hello. i use Edge products and i find them good to use .. think its all down to personal choice. really i ve only used 2 products so someone one whos used more couls advise u more.
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    Nail polish, where do you get yours?

    im also interested in this topic........ but im looking for where i can buy in bulks or even try b4 i buy. lol
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    Ear piercing licence

    hello. sorry to hear that. things like this happens all the time. persoanlly i would contact ur local council and see what they say as like u say its un fair that ur doing the correct and others arnt.
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    ~*~The Official... "Secret Santa has been" thread~*~

    Soory i got mine last week thanks ....... not opened mine keeping it till xmas. also posted mine. xxxx hope she likes it. xxxx
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    Im famous lol

    I was asked a while ago to write about myself a regarding my essential nails course to be published on there website take a look
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    Any Nail Techs in Dudley??

    im in dudley
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    Curling wand - help

    thanks lisa82. xxxx thats whats im struggling with is holding the wand up.