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    Root stretch? Technique help

    looks beautiful. I took this guys class and his work is really good. I hope this helps
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    Wella colour help!

    I would do a combo of bablylight and on balayage her and concentrate on getting some face frame highlights so she keeps that brightness that she's used to seeing you are going to have to deposit pretty deep to get rid of the band of orange and its not your fault so tell her its a process. as...
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    Charging the right price for balayage

    I charge more for the first balayage. In my experience that is the most time consuming one that tends to require setting up the pattern, lightening/ adding depth to a lot of hair and figuring out the development time/ toners etc. After that I charge for a" balayage touch up " and that one about...
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    What does this guy use in his hair?

    If you look at the roots of his hair. It looks pretty smooth and straight. So for editorial purposes I think they went in with a curling iron and then roughed everything up with some sea salt spray for that beachy/ lived in look. Most guys will look at you a little funny if you tell them they...
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    Wrong colour, disaster and need help!

    Going a bit darker on the color and a touch shorter on the style will remedy the situation.Find a qualified stylist and it shouldn't be too big of a deal. I would simply move on and not return to that stylist.
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    Keratin aftercare?

    I would suggest you get shampoo of the Brand of whatever Keratin Treatment you used. They usually have a whole system developed to preserve the treatment. Also sulfates are bad but they are the thing that creates foam and suds in the shampoo but the thing you really need to look for on the...
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    Unwanted red hair help

    you need to be more specific and describe the natural levels, current levels and target level and shades and advise what type of color is on her hair, Not just "its red, will green help?
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    Unwanted red hair help

    Probably not. But what is your goal? and did she put a demi or permanent?
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    Colour advice

    I agree with Cams and say that the blondor and pastel should achieve the goal in a relatively safe and fast way. No bleach is going to be "good" for the hair so if its foils, bleach bath, cleansing, whatever... your are going to be compromising some of the integrity. When you consider the...
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    Colour advice

    is there one you like? I only used one and it did nothing and smelled terrible but I would like to find one that works
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    Full head bleach to balayage

    I would not approach this in one appt unless you have all day. If she was a full head bleach its likely that everything will look warm next to that bright blond.
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    Balayge or foils

    It was actually in way worse shape than I thought from her pics. This was about 7 hours monday and another 2 hours tonight but..... i am pretty stoked on the results.
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    Sketchy BTC pic

    you mean people are lying and exaggerating on instagram?;) what next .. they will make hairstylists wildly popular for bleaching the death out of hair and putting wild colors on it? and the lob, the lob that looks like a bell shape with the ends that were cut with mom's kitchen scissors, please...
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    Dark to pastel

    I had a similar situation last week. I choose to do about 10 foils 40 volume and blondor around the face, mohawk etc and get those pieces light enough so I could achieve her goal. I was able to isolate some hair and control the lifting without damage. I followed up with the pastel and olaplex...
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    Balayge or foils

    what steven said about the clear is true in my experience as well. Seems to be great on blondes. But on the darker levels I have ended up with some of those tones that aren't necessarily bad but they are not a real definable color either. The level remains but the tones get kind of wacky.